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Peale Box 51

Spine Label:"European Moths; 51; 13________"________"
Index Header:[no title on index]
Contents: Specimens pinned to corks
Europe [Germany ? ]
Mounted n.d.
Dorsal side of Peale Box 51 Contents:  Specimens pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 51 Contents:  Specimens pinned to corks
Index of Peale Box 51 Contents:  Specimens pinned to corks


Box:51 Cork:1 Blepharita adusta (Esper) Blepharita adusta (Esper) [cork 1]
Box:51 Cork:2 Blepharita adusta (Esper) Blepharita adusta (Esper) [cork 2]
Box:51 Cork:3 Catocala conjuncta (Esper) Catocala conjuncta (Esper) [cork 3]
Box:51 Cork:4 No Name No Name [cork 4]
Box:51 Cork:5 No Name No Name [cork 5]
Box:51 Cork:6 Plusia guanima Plusia guanima [cork 6]
Box:51 Cork:7 Plusia guanima Plusia guanima [cork 7]
Box:51 Cork:8 [Conistra vaccinii (L.)] [Conistra vaccinii (L.)] [cork 8]
Box:51 Cork:9 [Conistra vaccinii (L.)] [Conistra vaccinii (L.)] [cork 9]
Box:51 Cork:10 Orthosia miniosa ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) Orthosia miniosa ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) [cork 10]
Box:51 Cork:11 Orthosia miniosa ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) Orthosia miniosa ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) [cork 11]
Box:51 Cork:12 Hepialis humuli (L.) Hepialis humuli (L.) [cork 12]
Box:51 Cork:13 No Name No Name [cork 13]
Box:51 Cork:14 No Name No Name [cork 14]
Box:51 Cork:15 Diloba caeruleocephala (L.) Diloba caeruleocephala (L.) [cork 15]
Box:51 Cork:16 Abrostola asclepiadis ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) Abrostola asclepiadis ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) [cork 16]
Box:51 Cork:17 Abrostola triplasia (L.) Abrostola triplasia (L.) [cork 17]
Box:51 Cork:18 Diphter Orion (Ochs[heimer]) Diphter Orion (Ochs[heimer]) [cork 18]
Box:51 Cork:19 No Name No Name [cork 19]
Box:51 Cork:20 Pterostoma palpina (Clerck) Pterostoma palpina (Clerck) [cork 20]
Box:51 Cork:21 Clostera anachoreta ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) Clostera anachoreta ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) [cork 21]
Box:51 Cork:22 No Name No Name [cork 22]
Box:51 Cork:23 No Name No Name [cork 23]
Box:51 Cork:24 Eurois occulta (L.) Eurois occulta (L.) [cork 24]
Box:51 Cork:25 Periphanes delphinii (L.) Periphanes delphinii (L.) [cork 25]
Box:51 Cork:26 No Name No Name [cork 26]
Box:51 Cork:27 No Name No Name [cork 27]
Box:51 Cork:28 Monogramma Monogramma [cork 28]
Box:51 Cork:29 Abraxas grossulariata (L.) Abraxas grossulariata (L.) [cork 29]
Box:51 Cork:30 No Name No Name [cork 30]
Box:51 Cork:31 No Name No Name [cork 31]
Box:51 Cork:32 Diaphora mendica (Clerck) Diaphora mendica (Clerck) [cork 32]
Box:51 Cork:33 Lithosia quadra (L.) Lithosia quadra (L.) [cork 33]
Box:51 Cork:34 Diaphora mendica (Clerck) Diaphora mendica (Clerck) [cork 34]
Box:51 Cork:35 No Name No Name [cork 35]
Box:51 Cork:36 No Name No Name [cork 36]
Box:51 Cork:37 No Name No Name [cork 37]
Box:51 Cork:38 No Name No Name [cork 38]
Box:51 Cork:39 No Name No Name [cork 39]
Box:51 Cork:40 Zygaena sp. Zygaena sp. [cork 40]
Box:51 Cork:41 Zygaena sp. Zygaena sp. [cork 41]
Box:51 Cork:42 Ourapteryx sambucaria (L.) Ourapteryx sambucaria (L.) [cork 42]
Box:51 Cork:43 Ourapteryx sambucaria (L.) Ourapteryx sambucaria (L.) [cork 43]
Box:51 Cork:44 Zygaena sp. Zygaena sp. [cork 44]
Box:51 Cork:45 Zygaena loti (Denis & Schiffermüller) Zygaena loti (Denis & Schiffermüller) [cork 45]
Box:51 Cork:46 Zygaena filipendulae (L.) Zygaena filipendulae (L.) [cork 46]
Box:51 Cork:47 Zygaena filipendulae (L.) Zygaena filipendulae (L.) [cork 47]
Box:51 Cork:48 Atolmis rubricollis (L.) Atolmis rubricollis (L.) [cork 48]
Box:51 Cork:49 Singularis Singularis [cork 49]
Box:51 Cork:50 No Name No Name [cork 50]
Box:51 Cork:51 No Name No Name [cork 51]
Box:51 Cork:52 Cucullia lucifuga ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) Cucullia lucifuga ([Denis & Schiffermüller]) [cork 52]
Box:51 Cork:53 Cucullia umbratica (L.) Cucullia umbratica (L.) [cork 53]
Box:51 Cork:54 Scoliopteryx libatrix (L.) Scoliopteryx libatrix (L.) [cork 54]
Box:51 Cork:55 Scoliopteryx libatrix (L.) Scoliopteryx libatrix (L.) [cork 55]
Box:51 Cork:56 Conspersa Conspersa [cork 56]
Box:51 Cork:57 Lymantria dispar (L.) Lymantria dispar (L.) [cork 57]
Box:51 Cork:58 Ophiusa lunaris (Ochs[heimer]) Ophiusa lunaris (Ochs[heimer]) [cork 58]
Box:51 Cork:59 No Name No Name [cork 59]
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