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Peale Box 66

Spine Label:"Lamp-light Table Collectns; 66; 7"
Index Header:[no title on index]
Contents: Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Mounted 1881
Dorsal side of Peale Box 66 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 66 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Index of Peale Box 66 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks


Box:66 Cork:232 Schizura sp. Schizura sp. [cork 232]
Box:66 Cork:233 Schizura unicornis (Smith) Schizura unicornis (Smith) [cork 233]
Box:66 Cork:234 Dypterygia rozmani Berio Dypterygia rozmani Berio [cork 234]
Box:66 Cork:235 Euchlaena madusaria (Walker) Euchlaena madusaria (Walker) [cork 235]
Box:66 Cork:236b Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 236b]
Box:66 Cork:236a Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 236a]
Box:66 Cork:237 Hypena humuli Harris Hypena humuli Harris [cork 237]
Box:66 Cork:238a Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 238a]
Box:66 Cork:238b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 238b]
Box:66 Cork:239b Crambinae Crambinae [cork 239b]
Box:66 Cork:239a Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 239a]
Box:66 Cork:240a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 240a]
Box:66 Cork:240b Crambinae Crambinae [cork 240b]
Box:66 Cork:240c Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 240c]
Box:66 Cork:241c Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 241c]
Box:66 Cork:241b Heterophleps triguttaria Herrich-Schäffer Heterophleps triguttaria Herrich-Schäffer [cork 241b]
Box:66 Cork:241a Hyphantria cunea (Drury) Hyphantria cunea (Drury) [cork 241a]
Box:66 Cork:242 Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 242]
Box:66 Cork:243f Lacewing Lacewing [cork 243f]
Box:66 Cork:243e Wing fragment, specimen missing. Wing fragment, specimen missing. [cork 243e]
Box:66 Cork:243d Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 243d]
Box:66 Cork:243c Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 243c]
Box:66 Cork:243b Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 243b]
Box:66 Cork:243a Lacewing Lacewing [cork 243a]
Box:66 Cork:244 Desmia funeralis Hübner Desmia funeralis Hübner [cork 244]
Box:66 Cork:245 Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 245]
Box:66 Cork:246a Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 246a]
Box:66 Cork:246b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 246b]
Box:66 Cork:247 Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 247]
Box:66 Cork:248b Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 248b]
Box:66 Cork:248a Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 248a]
Box:66 Cork:249 Pyraustinae Pyraustinae [cork 249]
Box:66 Cork:250a Ichneumonidae Ichneumonidae [cork 250a]
Box:66 Cork:250b Pseudolimnophila inornata (Osten Sacken) Pseudolimnophila inornata (Osten Sacken) [cork 250b]
Box:66 Cork:251a Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 251a]
Box:66 Cork:251b Pyralidae ? Pyralidae ? [cork 251b]
Box:66 Cork:251c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 251c]
Box:66 Cork:251d [No ID] [No ID] [cork 251d]
Box:66 Cork:252b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 252b]
Box:66 Cork:252a Pyralidae ? Pyralidae ? [cork 252a]
Box:66 Cork:253a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 253a]
Box:66 Cork:253b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 253b]
Box:66 Cork:254 Pyrausta signatalis (Walker) Pyrausta signatalis (Walker) [cork 254]
Box:66 Cork:255 Feltia herilis (Grote) Feltia herilis (Grote) [cork 255]
Box:66 Cork:256a Pangrapta n. sp. Pangrapta n. sp. [cork 256a]
Box:66 Cork:256b Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 256b]
Box:66 Cork:256c Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 256c]
Specimen missing [cork 257]
Box:66 Cork:258 Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 258]
Box:66 Cork:259 Deltote bellicula (Hübner) Deltote bellicula (Hübner) [cork 259]
Box:66 Cork:260 Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 260]
Box:66 Cork:261a Spragueia leo (Guenée) Spragueia leo (Guenée) [cork 261a]
Box:66 Cork:261b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 261b]
Box:66 Cork:262 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 262]
Specimen missing [cork 263]
Box:66 Cork:264 Dypterygia rozmani Berio Dypterygia rozmani Berio [cork 264]
Specimen missing [cork 265]
Box:66 Cork:266c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 266c]
Box:66 Cork:266b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 266b]
Box:66 Cork:266a Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 266a]
Box:66 Cork:267a Hahncappsia sp. Hahncappsia sp. [cork 267a]
Box:66 Cork:267b Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) [cork 267b]
Box:66 Cork:267c Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 267c]
Box:66 Cork:268 Palthis asopialis (Guenée) Palthis asopialis (Guenée) [cork 268]
Box:66 Cork:269d Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 269d]
Box:66 Cork:269c Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 269c]
Box:66 Cork:269b Eupithicia miserulata Grote Eupithicia miserulata Grote [cork 269b]
Box:66 Cork:269a Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 269a]
Box:66 Cork:270d Noctuidae ? Noctuidae ? [cork 270d]
Box:66 Cork:270c Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 270c]
Box:66 Cork:270b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 270b]
Box:66 Cork:270a Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 270a]
Box:66 Cork:271a "Micros. Including Pyralidae" "Micros. Including Pyralidae" [cork 271a]
Box:66 Cork:271b "Micros. Including Pyralidae" "Micros. Including Pyralidae" [cork 271b]
Box:66 Cork:271c "Micros. Including Pyralidae" "Micros. Including Pyralidae" [cork 271c]
Box:66 Cork:271d "Micros. Including Pyralidae" "Micros. Including Pyralidae" [cork 271d]
Box:66 Cork:271e "Micros. Including Pyralidae" "Micros. Including Pyralidae" [cork 271e]
Box:66 Cork:272b Lacewing Lacewing [cork 272b]
Box:66 Cork:272a Lacewing Lacewing [cork 272a]
Box:66 Cork:273 Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius) Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius) [cork 273]
Box:66 Cork:274a Schizura leptinoides (Grote) Schizura leptinoides (Grote) [cork 274a]
Box:66 Cork:274b Wing only Wing only [cork 274b]
Box:66 Cork:274c Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 274c]
Box:66 Cork:274d Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 274d]
Box:66 Cork:274e Ogdoconta sp. Ogdoconta sp. [cork 274e]
Box:66 Cork:275 [No specimen] [No specimen] [cork 275]
Box:66 Cork:276c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 276c]
Box:66 Cork:276b Hypena sp. Hypena sp. [cork 276b]
Box:66 Cork:276a Hypena sp. Hypena sp. [cork 276a]
Box:66 Cork:277 Protorthodes oviduca (Guenée) Protorthodes oviduca (Guenée) [cork 277]
Box:66 Cork:278a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 278a]
Box:66 Cork:278b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 278b]
Box:66 Cork:278c Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 278c]
Box:66 Cork:278d Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 278d]
Box:66 Cork:278e Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) ??? Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) ??? [cork 278e]
Box:66 Cork:279c Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) [cork 279c]
Box:66 Cork:279b Euphyia sp. Euphyia sp. [cork 279b]
Box:66 Cork:279a Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 279a]
Box:66 Cork:280a Trichoptera sp. Trichoptera sp. [cork 280a]
Box:66 Cork:280b Chrysopidae Chrysopidae [cork 280b]
Box:66 Cork:280c Chrysopidae Chrysopidae [cork 280c]
Box:66 Cork:280d Chrysopidae Chrysopidae [cork 280d]
Box:66 Cork:281c Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 281c]
Box:66 Cork:281b Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 281b]
Box:66 Cork:281a Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 281a]
[No specimen] [cork 282]
Box:66 Cork:283b Euxoa tessellata (Harris) Euxoa tessellata (Harris) [cork 283b]
Box:66 Cork:283a Euxoa tessellata (Harris) Euxoa tessellata (Harris) [cork 283a]
Box:66 Cork:284 Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 284]
Box:66 Cork:285 Scopula limboundata (Haworth) Scopula limboundata (Haworth) [cork 285]
Box:66 Cork:286 Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) [cork 286]
Box:66 Cork:287b Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 287b]
Box:66 Cork:287a Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 287a]
[No ID] [cork 288]
Box:66 Cork:289a Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 289a]
Box:66 Cork:289b Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 289b]
Box:66 Cork:290 Perigea xanthioides Guenée Perigea xanthioides Guenée [cork 290]
Box:66 Cork:291 Zale undularis (Drury) Zale undularis (Drury) [cork 291]
Box:66 Cork:292 Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 292]
Box:66 Cork:293 Euxoa tessellata (Harris) Euxoa tessellata (Harris) [cork 293]
Box:66 Cork:294a Choristostigma roseopennalis (Hulst) Choristostigma roseopennalis (Hulst) [cork 294a]
Box:66 Cork:294b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 294b]
Box:66 Cork:294c Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) [cork 294c]
Box:66 Cork:295 Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 295]
Box:66 Cork:296c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 296c]
Box:66 Cork:296b Nomophila nearctica Munrose Nomophila nearctica Munrose [cork 296b]
Box:66 Cork:296a Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 296a]
Box:66 Cork:297 Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 297]
Box:66 Cork:298f Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) [cork 298f]
Box:66 Cork:298e Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 298e]
Box:66 Cork:298d Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 298d]
Box:66 Cork:298c Eupithecia sp. Eupithecia sp. [cork 298c]
Box:66 Cork:298b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 298b]
Box:66 Cork:298a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 298a]
Box:66 Cork:299 Pieris (Artogeia) rapae (Linnaeus) Pieris (Artogeia) rapae (Linnaeus) [cork 299]
Box:66 Cork:300 Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 300]
[No specimen] [cork 301]
Box:66 Cork:302c Chrysopidae Chrysopidae [cork 302c]
Box:66 Cork:302b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 302b]
Box:66 Cork:302a Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 302a]
Box:66 Cork:303f [No ID] [No ID] [cork 303f]
Box:66 Cork:303e [No ID] [No ID] [cork 303e]
Box:66 Cork:303d Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) ? Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) ? [cork 303d]
Box:66 Cork:303c Phycitinae Phycitinae [cork 303c]
Box:66 Cork:303b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 303b]
Box:66 Cork:303a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 303a]
Box:66 Cork:304a Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 304a]
Box:66 Cork:304b Eubaphe mendica (Walker) Eubaphe mendica (Walker) [cork 304b]
Box:66 Cork:305b Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) [cork 305b]
Box:66 Cork:305a Trichoptera sp. Trichoptera sp. [cork 305a]
Box:66 Cork:306a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 306a]
Box:66 Cork:306b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 306b]
Box:66 Cork:306c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 306c]
Box:66 Cork:307a Scopula limboundata (Haworth) Scopula limboundata (Haworth) [cork 307a]
Box:66 Cork:307b Nycteola frigidana (Walker) Nycteola frigidana (Walker) [cork 307b]
Box:66 Cork:308a Euxoa tessellata (Harris) Euxoa tessellata (Harris) [cork 308a]
Box:66 Cork:308b Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 308b]
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