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Peale Box 67

Spine Label:"67; 10"
Index Header:[No index]
Contents: Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Mounted 1880-1881
Dorsal side of Peale Box 67 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 67 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks


Box:67 Cork:463 Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) Ectropis crepuscularia (Denis & Schiffermüller) [cork 463]
Box:67 Cork:464 Bleptina caradrinalis Guenée Bleptina caradrinalis Guenée [cork 464]
Box:67 Cork:465 Scopula limboundata (Haworth) Scopula limboundata (Haworth) [cork 465]
Box:67 Cork:466a Crocidophora serratissimalis Zeller Crocidophora serratissimalis Zeller [cork 466a]
Box:67 Cork:466b Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) [cork 466b]
Box:67 Cork:466c Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 466c]
Box:67 Cork:467 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 467]
Box:67 Cork:468b Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 468b]
Box:67 Cork:468a Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 468a]
Box:67 Cork:469 Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 469]
Box:67 Cork:470 Urola nivalis (Drury) Urola nivalis (Drury) [cork 470]
Box:67 Cork:471 Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 471]
Box:67 Cork:472h [No ID] [No ID] [cork 472h]
Box:67 Cork:472g Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 472g]
Box:67 Cork:472f [No ID] [No ID] [cork 472f]
Box:67 Cork:472e Acrolophus sp. Acrolophus sp. [cork 472e]
Box:67 Cork:472d Acrolophus sp. Acrolophus sp. [cork 472d]
Box:67 Cork:472c Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 472c]
Box:67 Cork:472b Idia lubricalis (Geyer) Idia lubricalis (Geyer) [cork 472b]
Box:67 Cork:472a Idia lubricalis (Geyer) Idia lubricalis (Geyer) [cork 472a]
Box:67 Cork:473 Ichneumonidae Ichneumonidae [cork 473]
Box:67 Cork:474b Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) [cork 474b]
Box:67 Cork:474a Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) [cork 474a]
Box:67 Cork:475 Proctacanthus sp. Proctacanthus sp. [cork 475]
Box:67 Cork:476a Specimen missing Specimen missing [cork 476a]
Box:67 Cork:476b Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 476b]
Box:67 Cork:476c Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 476c]
Box:67 Cork:477c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 477c]
Box:67 Cork:477b Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 477b]
Box:67 Cork:477a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 477a]
Box:67 Cork:478a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 478a]
Box:67 Cork:478b Bleptina sp. Bleptina sp. [cork 478b]
Box:67 Cork:478c Crambidae Crambidae [cork 478c]
Box:67 Cork:479 [No ID] [No ID] [cork 479]
Box:67 Cork:480 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 480]
Box:67 Cork:481 Caenurgina sp. Caenurgina sp. [cork 481]
Box:67 Cork:482 Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) [cork 482]
Box:67 Cork:483c Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) Feltia jaculifera (Guenée) [cork 483c]
Box:67 Cork:483b Chlorochlamys sp. Chlorochlamys sp. [cork 483b]
Box:67 Cork:483a Chlorochlamys sp. Chlorochlamys sp. [cork 483a]
Box:67 Cork:484a Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) [cork 484a]
Box:67 Cork:484b Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 484b]
Box:67 Cork:484c Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 484c]
Box:67 Cork:485a Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 485a]
Box:67 Cork:485b Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 485b]
Box:67 Cork:486 Faronta diffusa (Walker) Faronta diffusa (Walker) [cork 486]
Box:67 Cork:487e Desmia funeralis Hübner Desmia funeralis Hübner [cork 487e]
Box:67 Cork:487d Schinia arcigera (Guenée) Schinia arcigera (Guenée) [cork 487d]
Box:67 Cork:487c Trichoptera Trichoptera [cork 487c]
Box:67 Cork:487b Chrysochus auratus "Dogbane Beetle" Chrysochus auratus "Dogbane Beetle" [cork 487b]
Box:67 Cork:487a Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 487a]
Box:67 Cork:488a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 488a]
Box:67 Cork:488b Loxostege commixtalis (Walker) Loxostege commixtalis (Walker) [cork 488b]
Box:67 Cork:489 Caenurgina sp. Caenurgina sp. [cork 489]
Box:67 Cork:490a Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 490a]
Box:67 Cork:490b Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 490b]
Box:67 Cork:491c Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 491c]
Box:67 Cork:491b Eupithecia sp. Eupithecia sp. [cork 491b]
Box:67 Cork:491a Protorthodes oviduca (Guenée) Protorthodes oviduca (Guenée) [cork 491a]
Box:67 Cork:492 Feltia subgothica (Haworth) Feltia subgothica (Haworth) [cork 492]
Box:67 Cork:493 Feltia subgothica (Haworth) Feltia subgothica (Haworth) [cork 493]
Box:67 Cork:494 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 494]
Box:67 Cork:495 Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) [cork 495]
Box:67 Cork:496c Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 496c]
Box:67 Cork:496b Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 496b]
Box:67 Cork:496a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 496a]
Box:67 Cork:497e Crambidia pallida Packard Crambidia pallida Packard [cork 497e]
Box:67 Cork:497d Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 497d]
Box:67 Cork:497c Achyra rantalis (Guenée) Achyra rantalis (Guenée) [cork 497c]
Box:67 Cork:497b Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 497b]
Box:67 Cork:497a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 497a]
Box:67 Cork:498 [No ID] [No ID] [cork 498]
Box:67 Cork:499 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 499]
Box:67 Cork:500d Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 500d]
Box:67 Cork:500c Crambinae Crambinae [cork 500c]
Box:67 Cork:500b Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 500b]
Box:67 Cork:500a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 500a]
Box:67 Cork:501 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 501]
Box:67 Cork:502a Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 502a]
Box:67 Cork:502b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 502b]
Box:67 Cork:502c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 502c]
Box:67 Cork:503a Ichneumonidae Ichneumonidae [cork 503a]
Box:67 Cork:503b Ichneumonidae Ichneumonidae [cork 503b]
Box:67 Cork:504 Phalangida "harvestman" Phalangida "harvestman" [cork 504]
Box:67 Cork:505 Nephrotoma gracilicornis? (Loew) Nephrotoma gracilicornis? (Loew) [cork 505]
Box:67 Cork:506a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 506a]
Box:67 Cork:506b Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 506b]
Box:67 Cork:507 Caenurgina erechtea (Cramer) Caenurgina erechtea (Cramer) [cork 507]
Box:67 Cork:508 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 508]
Box:67 Cork:509 Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) [cork 509]
Box:67 Cork:510 Anagrapha falcifera (Kirby) Anagrapha falcifera (Kirby) [cork 510]
Box:67 Cork:511 Zale undularis (Drury) Zale undularis (Drury) [cork 511]
Box:67 Cork:512 Parallelia bistriaris Hübner Parallelia bistriaris Hübner [cork 512]
Box:67 Cork:513 Zale lunata (Drury) Zale lunata (Drury) [cork 513]
Box:67 Cork:514 Achatodes zeae (Harris) Achatodes zeae (Harris) [cork 514]
Box:67 Cork:515 Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 515]
Box:67 Cork:516a Anavitrinella pampinaria (Guenée) Anavitrinella pampinaria (Guenée) [cork 516a]
Box:67 Cork:516b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 516b]
Box:67 Cork:517a Neuroptera "Lacewing" Neuroptera "Lacewing" [cork 517a]
Box:67 Cork:517b Neuroptera "Lacewing" Neuroptera "Lacewing" [cork 517b]
Box:67 Cork:518d Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 518d]
Box:67 Cork:518c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 518c]
Box:67 Cork:518b Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 518b]
Box:67 Cork:518a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 518a]
Box:67 Cork:519e Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 519e]
Box:67 Cork:519d [No ID] [No ID] [cork 519d]
Box:67 Cork:519c Eupithecia sp. Eupithecia sp. [cork 519c]
Box:67 Cork:519b Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 519b]
Box:67 Cork:519a Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 519a]
Box:67 Cork:520 Trichoptera Trichoptera [cork 520]
Box:67 Cork:521a Acrolophus sp. Acrolophus sp. [cork 521a]
Box:67 Cork:521b Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 521b]
Box:67 Cork:521c Tetanolita floridana Smith Tetanolita floridana Smith [cork 521c]
Box:67 Cork:522 Zale lunata (Drury) Zale lunata (Drury) [cork 522]
Box:67 Cork:523 Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) [cork 523]
Box:67 Cork:524 Hypoprepia fucosa Hübner Hypoprepia fucosa Hübner [cork 524]
Box:67 Cork:525a Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 525a]
Box:67 Cork:525b Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) [cork 525b]
Box:67 Cork:526a Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 526a]
Box:67 Cork:526b Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 526b]
Box:67 Cork:526c Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 526c]
Box:67 Cork:527e Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 527e]
Box:67 Cork:527d Urola nivalis (Drury) Urola nivalis (Drury) [cork 527d]
Box:67 Cork:527c Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 527c]
Box:67 Cork:527b Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 527b]
Box:67 Cork:527a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 527a]
Box:67 Cork:528a Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 528a]
Box:67 Cork:528b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 528b]
Box:67 Cork:528c Idia lubricalis (Geyer) Idia lubricalis (Geyer) [cork 528c]
Box:67 Cork:528d Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) [cork 528d]
Box:67 Cork:528e Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 528e]
Box:67 Cork:529d Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 529d]
Box:67 Cork:529c Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 529c]
Box:67 Cork:529b Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 529b]
Box:67 Cork:529a Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 529a]
Box:67 Cork:530 Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 530]
Box:67 Cork:531 Acrolophus sp. Acrolophus sp. [cork 531]
Box:67 Cork:532b Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 532b]
Box:67 Cork:532a Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 532a]
Box:67 Cork:533 Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 533]
Box:67 Cork:534a Euphyia unangulata (Haworth) Euphyia unangulata (Haworth) [cork 534a]
Box:67 Cork:534b Euphyia unangulata (Haworth) Euphyia unangulata (Haworth) [cork 534b]
Box:67 Cork:535c Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) [cork 535c]
Box:67 Cork:535b Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) Cyclophora pendulinaria (Guenée) [cork 535b]
Box:67 Cork:535a Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 535a]
Box:67 Cork:536a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 536a]
Box:67 Cork:536b Trichoptera Trichoptera [cork 536b]
Box:67 Cork:536c Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) female Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) female [cork 536c]
Box:67 Cork:536d Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) male Orthonama obstipata (Fabricius) male [cork 536d]
Box:67 Cork:537a Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 537a]
Box:67 Cork:537b Limacodidae Limacodidae [cork 537b]
Box:67 Cork:538 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 538]
Box:67 Cork:539 Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 539]
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