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Peale Box 68

Spine Label:"68; 11"
Index Header:Lamp-light. Table collections.
Contents: Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Mounted 1880-1881
Dorsal side of Peale Box 68 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 68 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Index of Peale Box 68 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks


Box:68 Cork:540a Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 540a]
Box:68 Cork:540b Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 540b]
Box:68 Cork:540c Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 540c]
Box:68 Cork:541c Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 541c]
Box:68 Cork:541b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 541b]
Box:68 Cork:541a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 541a]
Box:68 Cork:542a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 542a]
Box:68 Cork:542b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 542b]
Box:68 Cork:542c Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 542c]
Box:68 Cork:543 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 543]
Box:68 Cork:544b Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 544b]
Box:68 Cork:544a Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 544a]
Box:68 Cork:545 Palthis sp. Palthis sp. [cork 545]
Box:68 Cork:546d Dolichomia olinalis (Guenée) Dolichomia olinalis (Guenée) [cork 546d]
Box:68 Cork:546c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 546c]
Box:68 Cork:546b Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) [cork 546b]
Box:68 Cork:546a Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 546a]
Box:68 Cork:547a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 547a]
Box:68 Cork:547b Bleptina caradrinalis Guenée Bleptina caradrinalis Guenée [cork 547b]
Box:68 Cork:547c Blepharomastix ranalis (Guenée) Blepharomastix ranalis (Guenée) [cork 547c]
Box:68 Cork:548b Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 548b]
Box:68 Cork:548a Calothysanis amaturaria (Walker) Calothysanis amaturaria (Walker) [cork 548a]
Specimen missing [cork 549]
Box:68 Cork:550a Lacewing (wings only) Lacewing (wings only) [cork 550a]
Box:68 Cork:550b Lacewing (wings only) Lacewing (wings only) [cork 550b]
Box:68 Cork:550c Lacewing Lacewing [cork 550c]
Box:68 Cork:551e Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 551e]
Box:68 Cork:551d Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. [cork 551d]
Box:68 Cork:551c Pyraloidea Pyraloidea [cork 551c]
Box:68 Cork:551b No specimen No specimen [cork 551b]
Box:68 Cork:551a Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) [cork 551a]
Box:68 Cork:552b No specimen No specimen [cork 552b]
Box:68 Cork:552a Synchlora sp. Synchlora sp. [cork 552a]
Box:68 Cork:553 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 553]
Box:68 Cork:554 Clostera sp. Clostera sp. [cork 554]
Box:68 Cork:555 Hyphantria cunea (Drury) Hyphantria cunea (Drury) [cork 555]
Box:68 Cork:556 Desmia funeralis (Hübner) Desmia funeralis (Hübner) [cork 556]
Box:68 Cork:557 Synchlora aerata (Fabricius) Synchlora aerata (Fabricius) [cork 557]
Box:68 Cork:558 Synchlora sp. ? Synchlora sp. ? [cork 558]
Box:68 Cork:559 Lithacodes fasciola (Herrich-Schäffer) Lithacodes fasciola (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 559]
Box:68 Cork:560b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 560b]
Box:68 Cork:560a Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 560a]
Box:68 Cork:561a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 561a]
Box:68 Cork:561b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 561b]
Box:68 Cork:561c Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 561c]
Box:68 Cork:562 Leptotarsus testaceus (Loew) Leptotarsus testaceus (Loew) [cork 562]
No specimen [cork 563]
Box:68 Cork:564 Nephrotoma sp. (dorsalis species group) Nephrotoma sp. (dorsalis species group) [cork 564]
Box:68 Cork:565 Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) Melanolophia canadaria (Guenée) [cork 565]
Box:68 Cork:566 Polygrammodes flavidalis (Guenée) Polygrammodes flavidalis (Guenée) [cork 566]
Box:68 Cork:567 Aglossa cuprina (Zeller) Aglossa cuprina (Zeller) [cork 567]
Box:68 Cork:568b Choristostigma roseopennalis (Hulst) Choristostigma roseopennalis (Hulst) [cork 568b]
Box:68 Cork:568a Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) Haematopis grataria (Fabricius) [cork 568a]
Box:68 Cork:569a Feltia n. sp. (see comments) Feltia n. sp. (see comments) [cork 569a]
Box:68 Cork:569b Feltia n. sp. (see comments) Feltia n. sp. (see comments) [cork 569b]
Box:68 Cork:570 Autographa precationis (Guenée) Autographa precationis (Guenée) [cork 570]
Box:68 Cork:572e Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 572e]
Box:68 Cork:572d Achyra rantalis (Guenée) Achyra rantalis (Guenée) [cork 572d]
Box:68 Cork:572c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 572c]
Box:68 Cork:572b Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 572b]
Box:68 Cork:572a No specimen No specimen [cork 572a]
Box:68 Cork:573 Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) Caenurgina crassiuscula (Haworth) [cork 573]
Box:68 Cork:574 Celiptera frustulum Guenée Celiptera frustulum Guenée [cork 574]
Box:68 Cork:575a Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 575a]
Box:68 Cork:575b Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. [cork 575b]
Box:68 Cork:575c No specimen No specimen [cork 575c]
Box:68 Cork:576 Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 576]
Box:68 Cork:577a Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 577a]
Box:68 Cork:577b Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 577b]
Box:68 Cork:578d Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 578d]
Box:68 Cork:578c No specimen No specimen [cork 578c]
Box:68 Cork:578b Phycitinae sp. Phycitinae sp. [cork 578b]
Box:68 Cork:578a Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 578a]
Box:68 Cork:579d Aglossa sp. Aglossa sp. [cork 579d]
Box:68 Cork:579c Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) [cork 579c]
Box:68 Cork:579b Geometridae Geometridae [cork 579b]
Box:68 Cork:579a Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) Glaphyria glaphyrialis (Guenée) [cork 579a]
Box:68 Cork:580a Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 580a]
Box:68 Cork:580b Calothysanis amaturaria (Herrich-Schäffer) Calothysanis amaturaria (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 580b]
Box:68 Cork:580c Phycitinae sp. Phycitinae sp. [cork 580c]
Box:68 Cork:580d Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 580d]
Box:68 Cork:581a Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 581a]
Box:68 Cork:581b Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 581b]
Box:68 Cork:582 Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) Pseudoplusia includens (Walker) [cork 582]
Box:68 Cork:583a Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 583a]
Box:68 Cork:583b Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 583b]
Box:68 Cork:583c Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 583c]
Box:68 Cork:584 Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 584]
Box:68 Cork:585d Phycitinae sp. Phycitinae sp. [cork 585d]
Box:68 Cork:585c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 585c]
Box:68 Cork:585b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 585b]
Box:68 Cork:585a Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 585a]
Box:68 Cork:586 Desmia funeralis (Hübner) Desmia funeralis (Hübner) [cork 586]
No specimen [cork 587]
Palthis asopialis (Guenée) [cork 588]
Box:68 Cork:589 Phycitinae sp. Phycitinae sp. [cork 589]
Box:68 Cork:590 Peridroma saucia (Hübner) Peridroma saucia (Hübner) [cork 590]
Box:68 Cork:591 Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 591]
Box:68 Cork:592a Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 592a]
Box:68 Cork:592b Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) Pseudaletia unipuncta (Haworth) [cork 592b]
Box:68 Cork:593b Anagrapha falcifera (Kirby) Anagrapha falcifera (Kirby) [cork 593b]
Box:68 Cork:593a Autographa precationis (Guenée) ? Autographa precationis (Guenée) ? [cork 593a]
Box:68 Cork:594a Plusiodonta compressipalpis Guenée Plusiodonta compressipalpis Guenée [cork 594a]
Box:68 Cork:594b Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 594b]
Box:68 Cork:595c Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 595c]
Box:68 Cork:595b Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 595b]
Box:68 Cork:595a Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 595a]
Box:68 Cork:596a Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 596a]
Box:68 Cork:596b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 596b]
Box:68 Cork:597a Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 597a]
Box:68 Cork:597b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 597b]
Box:68 Cork:598c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 598c]
Box:68 Cork:598b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 598b]
Box:68 Cork:598a Synclora aerata (Fabricius) Synclora aerata (Fabricius) [cork 598a]
Box:68 Cork:599d Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 599d]
Box:68 Cork:599c Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) Lascoria ambigualis (Walker) [cork 599c]
Box:68 Cork:599b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 599b]
Box:68 Cork:599a Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. [cork 599a]
Box:68 Cork:600f Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 600f]
Box:68 Cork:600e Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) [cork 600e]
Box:68 Cork:600d Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 600d]
Box:68 Cork:600c Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) [cork 600c]
Box:68 Cork:600b Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 600b]
Box:68 Cork:600a Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) Pleuroprucha insulsaria (Guenée) [cork 600a]
Box:68 Cork:601f Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) [cork 601f]
Box:68 Cork:601e Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) [cork 601e]
Box:68 Cork:601d Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 601d]
Box:68 Cork:601c Eupithecia miserulata Grote Eupithecia miserulata Grote [cork 601c]
Box:68 Cork:601b Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) [cork 601b]
Box:68 Cork:601a Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 601a]
No specimen [cork 602]
Box:68 Cork:603a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 603a]
Box:68 Cork:603b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 603b]
Box:68 Cork:603c Trimicra pilipes (Fabricius) Trimicra pilipes (Fabricius) [cork 603c]
Box:68 Cork:604 Acronicta sperata Grote Acronicta sperata Grote [cork 604]
Box:68 Cork:605b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 605b]
Box:68 Cork:605a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 605a]
Box:68 Cork:606e [No ID] [No ID] [cork 606e]
Box:68 Cork:606d Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 606d]
Box:68 Cork:606c Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 606c]
Box:68 Cork:606b Nycteola frigidana (Walker) Nycteola frigidana (Walker) [cork 606b]
Box:68 Cork:606a Orthonama sp. Orthonama sp. [cork 606a]
Box:68 Cork:607 Spaelotis clandestina (Harris) Spaelotis clandestina (Harris) [cork 607]
Box:68 Cork:608 Euclea delphinii (Boisduval) Euclea delphinii (Boisduval) [cork 608]
Box:68 Cork:609d Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 609d]
Box:68 Cork:609c Lacewing Lacewing [cork 609c]
Box:68 Cork:609b Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 609b]
Box:68 Cork:609a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 609a]
Box:68 Cork:610a Crambus sp. Crambus sp. [cork 610a]
Box:68 Cork:610b Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 610b]
Box:68 Cork:610c Crambinae sp. Crambinae sp. [cork 610c]
Box:68 Cork:611d Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 611d]
Box:68 Cork:611c [No ID] [No ID] [cork 611c]
Box:68 Cork:611b Acrolophus sp. Acrolophus sp. [cork 611b]
Box:68 Cork:611a Pyralidae Pyralidae [cork 611a]
Box:68 Cork:612 Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) Renia flavipunctalis (Geyer) [cork 612]
Box:68 Cork:613 Palpita sp. Palpita sp. [cork 613]
Box:68 Cork:614a Elaphria grata Hübner Elaphria grata Hübner [cork 614a]
Box:68 Cork:614b Enigmogramma basigera (Walker) Enigmogramma basigera (Walker) [cork 614b]
Box:68 Cork:615e Achyra rantalis (Guenée) Achyra rantalis (Guenée) [cork 615e]
Box:68 Cork:615d Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 615d]
Box:68 Cork:615c Desmia funeralis (Hübner) Desmia funeralis (Hübner) [cork 615c]
Box:68 Cork:615b Hypena bijugalis Walker Hypena bijugalis Walker [cork 615b]
Box:68 Cork:615a Balsa malana (Fitch) Balsa malana (Fitch) [cork 615a]
Box:68 Cork:616 Ant lion Ant lion [cork 616]
Box:68 Cork:617a Tipula (Yamatotipula) sp. (tricolor species group) Tipula (Yamatotipula) sp. (tricolor species group) [cork 617a]
Box:68 Cork:617b Nephrotoma sp. Nephrotoma sp. [cork 617b]
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