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Peale Box 70

Spine Label:"Lamp-light Table collectns; North American Small Noctuidae; 70; Lamp-light Collections 15"
Index Header:[No index]
Contents: Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Mounted 1877-1881
Dorsal side of Peale Box 70 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 70 Contents:  Specimens (some mounted on sheets of mica) pinned to corks


Box:70 Cork:1a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 1a]
Box:70 Cork:1b Crambinae Crambinae [cork 1b]
Box:70 Cork:2 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 2]
Box:70 Cork:3 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 3]
Box:70 Cork:4 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 4]
Box:70 Cork:5 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 5]
Box:70 Cork:6 Euchlaena amoenaria (Guenée) Euchlaena amoenaria (Guenée) [cork 6]
Box:70 Cork:7 Cepphis armataria (Herrich-Schäffer) Cepphis armataria (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 7]
Box:70 Cork:8 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 8]
Box:70 Cork:9 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 9]
Box:70 Cork:10 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 10]
Box:70 Cork:11 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 11]
Box:70 Cork:12a Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 12a]
Box:70 Cork:12b Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 12b]
Box:70 Cork:12c Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 12c]
Box:70 Cork:13 Pyralidae indet. Pyralidae indet. [cork 13]
[Specimen missing] [cork 14]
Box:70 Cork:15 Phalaenostola sp. Phalaenostola sp. [cork 15]
Box:70 Cork:16 Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 16]
Box:70 Cork:17a [Specimen missing] [Specimen missing] [cork 17a]
Box:70 Cork:17b Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) Tarachidia candefacta (Hübner) [cork 17b]
[Specimen missing] [cork 18]
Box:70 Cork:19b Lithacodes fasciola (Herrich-Schäffer) Lithacodes fasciola (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 19b]
Box:70 Cork:19a Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) Adoneta spinuloides (Herrich-Schäffer) [cork 19a]
[No Specimen] [cork 20]
Box:70 Cork:21a Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 21a]
Box:70 Cork:21b Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 21b]
Box:70 Cork:22 Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) Eulithis diversilineata (Hübner) [cork 22]
Box:70 Cork:23c Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 23c]
Box:70 Cork:23b Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 23b]
Box:70 Cork:23a Eustixia pupula Hübner Eustixia pupula Hübner [cork 23a]
Box:70 Cork:24 Tortricidae? Tortricidae? [cork 24]
Box:70 Cork:25 Drepana "arcuata form" Walker Drepana "arcuata form" Walker [cork 25]
Box:70 Cork:26 Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 26]
Box:70 Cork:27 Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) Lithacodia carneola (Guenée) [cork 27]
[Specimen missing] [cork 28]
Box:70 Cork:29 Leucania pseudargyria Guenée Leucania pseudargyria Guenée [cork 29]
Box:70 Cork:30 Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) Ogdoconta cinereola (Guenée) [cork 30]
Box:70 Cork:31 Desmia funeralis (Hübner) Desmia funeralis (Hübner) [cork 31]
Box:70 Cork:32a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 32a]
Box:70 Cork:32b [No ID] [No ID] [cork 32b]
Box:70 Cork:33 Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) Schinia rivulosa (Guenée) [cork 33]
[Specimen missing] [cork 34b]
[Specimen missing] [cork 34a]
Box:70 Cork:35 Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 35]
Box:70 Cork:36a Nycteola frigidana (Walker) Nycteola frigidana (Walker) [cork 36a]
Box:70 Cork:36b [Specimen missing] [Specimen missing] [cork 36b]
[Specimen missing] [cork 37]
[Specimen missing] [cork 38]
Box:70 Cork:39 Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 39]
Box:70 Cork:40 Tortricidae Tortricidae [cork 40]
[No specimen] [cork 41]
Box:70 Cork:42a [No ID] [No ID] [cork 42a]
Box:70 Cork:42b Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 42b]
[Specimen missing] [cork 43]
Box:70 Cork:44 Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 44]
Box:70 Cork:45 Palthis asopialis (Guenée0 Palthis asopialis (Guenée0 [cork 45]
[No Specimen] [cork 46]
Box:70 Cork:47a Phycitinae Phycitinae [cork 47a]
Box:70 Cork:47b Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) Helvibotys helvialis (Walker) [cork 47b]
Box:70 Cork:48 Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 48]
Box:70 Cork:49 Phyprosopus callitrichoides Grote Phyprosopus callitrichoides Grote [cork 49]
Box:70 Cork:50 Hypena scabra (Fabricius) Hypena scabra (Fabricius) [cork 50]
[Specimen missing] [cork 51]
Box:70 Cork:52 Hyphantria cunea (Drury) Hyphantria cunea (Drury) [cork 52]
Box:70 Cork:53b Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) ? Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) ? [cork 53b]
Box:70 Cork:53a Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) ? Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria (Guenée) ? [cork 53a]
Box:70 Cork:54 Hypoprepia fucosa Hübner Hypoprepia fucosa Hübner [cork 54]
[Specimen missing] [cork 55]
Box:70 Cork:56 Donacaula sp. Donacaula sp. [cork 56]
Box:70 Cork:57 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 57]
[No Specimen] [cork 58]
Box:70 Cork:59 Crambinae Crambinae [cork 59]
Box:70 Cork:60 Phyprosopus callitrichoides Grote Phyprosopus callitrichoides Grote [cork 60]
Box:70 Cork:61 Nomophila nearctica Munroe Nomophila nearctica Munroe [cork 61]
[Specimen missing] [cork 62]
Box:70 Cork:63 Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 63]
Box:70 Cork:64b [Specimen missing] [Specimen missing] [cork 64b]
Box:70 Cork:64a Urola nivalis (Drury) Urola nivalis (Drury) [cork 64a]
Box:70 Cork:65 Chlorochlamy chloroleucaria (Guenée) Chlorochlamy chloroleucaria (Guenée) [cork 65]
Box:70 Cork:66 Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 66]
Box:70 Cork:67a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 67a]
Box:70 Cork:67b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 67b]
Box:70 Cork:68b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 68b]
Box:70 Cork:68a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 68a]
Box:70 Cork:69 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 69]
Box:70 Cork:70a Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 70a]
Box:70 Cork:70b Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 70b]
Box:70 Cork:71 Pyraloidea Pyraloidea [cork 71]
Box:70 Cork:72 Pterophoridae Pterophoridae [cork 72]
[Specimen missing] [cork 73]
Box:70 Cork:74 Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 74]
Box:70 Cork:75a Crambidae Crambidae [cork 75a]
Box:70 Cork:75b Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) Semiothisa ocellinata (Guenée) [cork 75b]
Box:70 Cork:76 Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) Orthonama centrostrigaria (Wollaston) [cork 76]
Box:70 Cork:77 Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) Lobocleta ossularia (Geyer) [cork 77]
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