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Peale Box 73

Spine Label:"N. American Diurnal 45; 73; Papo brevicaud" [Papilio brevicauda]; 45"
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Contents: Slipcase only [Box Missing]

Mounted [Unknown]


Papilio (asterias brevicaudoi [sic.]) [cork 1]
Papilio polyxenes asterias Stoll [cork 2]
Atlides halesus (Cramer) [cork 3]
Chlosyne californica (W.G. Wright) [cork 4]
Chlosyne californica (W.G. Wright) [cork 5]
Euphydryas phaeton (Drury) [cork 6]
Euphydryas phaeton (Drury) [cork 7]
No Name [cork 8]
No Name [cork 9]
Aglais milberti furcillata (Say) [cork 10]
No Name [cork 11]
Eumaeus atala (Poey) [cork 12]
Eumaeus atala (Poey) [cork 13]
No Name [cork 14]
No Name [cork 15]
No Name [cork 16]
No Name [cork 17]
No Name [cork 18]
No Name [cork 19]
No Name [cork 20]
No Name [cork 21]
Satyrium titus (Fabricius) [cork 22]
Satyrium sylvinum itys (Edwards) [cork 23]
Satyrium saepium (Boisduval) [cork 24]
Coenonympha california Westwood [cork 25]
Thecla Ocleslomatus (Hulst) [cork 26]
Satyrium behrii (Edwards) [cork 27]
Thecla brunus (Hulst) [cork 28]
Incisalia eryphon (Boisduval) [cork 29]
Satyrium titus (Fabricius) [cork 30]
No Name [cork 31]
No Name [cork 32]
Alypia octomaculata (Fabricius) [cork 33]
Alypia octomaculata (Fabricius) [cork 34]
Alypia octomaculata (Fabricius) [cork 35]
Alypia octomaculata (Fabricius) [pupa] [cork 36]
Parasite of P. osterias [sic.] [cork 37]
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