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Peale Box 80

Spine Label:North American Nocturnal; 80; _atocala [Catocala], _rctiae [Arctiidae] & c."
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Contents: Specimens pinned to corks
Mounted 1877-1882
Dorsal side of Peale Box 80 Contents:  Specimens pinned to corks
Ventral side of Peale Box 80 Contents:  Specimens pinned to corks


Box:80 Cork:1a Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 1a]
Box:80 Cork:1b Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 1b]
Box:80 Cork:2a Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 2a]
Box:80 Cork:2b Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 2b]
Box:80 Cork:3a Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 3a]
Box:80 Cork:3b Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 3b]
Box:80 Cork:4 Euchlaena obtusaria (Hübner) Euchlaena obtusaria (Hübner) [cork 4]
Box:80 Cork:5 Prochoerodes transversata (Drury) Prochoerodes transversata (Drury) [cork 5]
Box:80 Cork:6b No Name No Name [cork 6b]
Box:80 Cork:6a Acronicta americana (Harris) Acronicta americana (Harris) [cork 6a]
[No specimen] [cork 7]
Box:80 Cork:8 Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 8]
Box:80 Cork:9a Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 9a]
Box:80 Cork:9b Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) Utetheisa ornatrix (L.) [cork 9b]
Box:80 Cork:10 Semiothisa bisignata (Walker) Semiothisa bisignata (Walker) [cork 10]
Box:80 Cork:11 Cucullia asteroides Guenée Cucullia asteroides Guenée [cork 11]
Box:80 Cork:12 Orthosia sp. [cf. O. garmani (Grote)] Orthosia sp. [cf. O. garmani (Grote)] [cork 12]
Box:80 Cork:13 Catocala amatrix (Hübner) Catocala amatrix (Hübner) [cork 13]
Box:80 Cork:14 Catocala muliercula Guenée Catocala muliercula Guenée [cork 14]
Box:80 Cork:15 Euparthenos nubilis (Hübner) Euparthenos nubilis (Hübner) [cork 15]
Box:80 Cork:16 Allotria elonympha (Hübner) Allotria elonympha (Hübner) [cork 16]
Box:80 Cork:17 Cucullia convexipennis Grote & Robinson Cucullia convexipennis Grote & Robinson [cork 17]
Box:80 Cork:18 Nepytia canosaria (Walker) Nepytia canosaria (Walker) [cork 18]
Box:80 Cork:19 Orgyia leucostigma (J.E. Smith) Orgyia leucostigma (J.E. Smith) [cork 19]
Box:80 Cork:20 Apantesis phalerata (Harris) Apantesis phalerata (Harris) [cork 20]
Box:80 Cork:21 Grammia arge (Drury) Grammia arge (Drury) [cork 21]
Box:80 Cork:22 Caenurgina sp. [cf. C. erechtea (Cramer)] Caenurgina sp. [cf. C. erechtea (Cramer)] [cork 22]
Box:80 Cork:23a Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius) Spilosoma virginica (Fabricius) [cork 23a]
Box:80 Cork:23b No Name No Name [cork 23b]
Box:80 Cork:24a Pyrrharctia isabella (J.E.Smith) Pyrrharctia isabella (J.E.Smith) [cork 24a]
Box:80 Cork:24b No Name No Name [cork 24b]
Box:80 Cork:25 Catocala amica (Hübner) Catocala amica (Hübner) [cork 25]
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