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Box: 91 Cork: 21a

Nymphalidae  Boloria selene myrina (Cramer) [det. J.D. Weintraub]

From:  USA  New Jersey  Original Locality Data: PA: [Philadelphia Co.]: Holmesburg; August & Sept 1875
Peale's Identification: Papilio asterias
Measurements: FWL = 23.0 mm
Corks with multiple specimens are lettered clockwise starting with a at the top centerNote: Multiple specimens on one cork are given letters starting with a in the top center, with letters increasing (b, c, d, etc) clockwise around the cork or mica sheet. If there is no specimen in the top center, the first specimen encountered when moving clockwise around the cork from the top center is specimen a, the second specimen b, etc.

Specimen 21a in Peale Box 91,
Box 91 data: "N. American Diurnal; 91; Argynnis [= Speyeria ]. Belona. Myrina" [= Boloria spp.] [no title on index] Mounted: 1875

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