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2008 Biological Survey Results



The major sampling activity for 2008 was a survey of the Northern Altai Mountain drainages, mostly in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.  The expedition included 13 scientists (US, European and Mongolian) and 8 support staff (manager, drivers, cooks). The group sampled qualitatively at 50 sites, including 5 rivers, 39 streams, 5 lakes and 1 spring.  In addition 34 of the streams were sampled using Rapid Bioassessment protocols, including semiquantative and qualitative benthic samples.  All of these RBP sites included samples of water chemistry and habitat assessment. Trapping methods for inventory included use of Townes traps, use of aerial nets to sweep vegetation, and inspection of riparian and benthic rocks and other debris.  Generally, riparian vegetation was considerably less than in the Selenge River Basin, resulting in a noticeably lower diversity of adult aquatic insects.  

Download the 2008 localities file (EXCEL .xls format)  

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