Annulariidae of Jamaica

Photographs by Gary Rosenberg

Eight of the 65 known species are shown.

Adamsiella ignilabrisAdamsiella ignilabris
St. Ann, posed in lab, 9 Oct 2000
Adamsiella speciesAdamsiella species, juvenile
Kinloss, Trelawny
JBS309, 22 May 2000
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Annularia fimbriatulaAnnularia fimbriatula
Cockpit Country, Trelawny
Along trail, 21 May 2000
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Parachondria sauliaeParachondria sauliae
North of Coley, St. Ann
JBS420, 17 Oct 2000
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Colobostylus banksianusColobostylus banksianus
Cockpit Country, Trelawny
JBS313, 23 May 2000
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Colobostylus bronniColobostylus bronnii
Stewart Bay, Trelawny
18 May 2000
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Colobostylus humphreysianusColobostylus humphreysianus
Fish River, Hanover
JBS459, 6 May 2001
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Colobostylus jayanusColobostylus jayanus
Martins Hill, Manchester
JBS259, 13 May 2000
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