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Gastropoda Hypsogastropoda Mitridae 

Neocancilla clathrus (Gmelin, 1791)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Voluta clathrus Gmelin, 1791
   Voluta maculosa Gmelin, 1791
   Neocancilla clathrus (Gmelin, 1791)
   Mitra crenifera Lamarck, 1811
   Voluta mustelina Dillwyn, 1817
   Mitra (Cancilla) tathnae Jickeli, 1874
   Mitra eburnostoma Garrett, 1880
   Mitra emersoni Pilsbry, 1921

Common Name

Barred Mitre p.274, pl.751      Coleman, N. 1975.  


Red Sea to Polynesia and the Hawaiian Islands (Cernohorsky, 1991), Recorded in Australia from Lady Musgrave Island and the Coral Sea (Wilson, 1994)

  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificRed Sea
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificCentral and East Indian OceanIndo-ArabiaPersian Gulf (=Arabian Gulf)
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificEast AfricaSouth Africa
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-ChinaJapan
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificOceaniaPolynesia
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificOceaniaPolynesiaHawaiian Islands (Sandwich Islands)
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificRed Sea
     Dekker, H. & Orlin, Z. 2000. p.30 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West Pacific
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricGreat Barrier Reef
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaQueensland
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Coral Sea
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Queensland
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificCentral and East Indian OceanEastern Indian OceanIndia (E)
     Hylleberg, J. & Kilburn, R.N. 2002. p.42 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaPhilippines
     Springsteen, F.J. & Leobrera, F.M. 1986. p.204 


depth: continental shelf 
depth: continental slope 
depth: shallow subtidal [ from 5 m ]
depth: subtidal [ usually subtidal from 5 - 463 m. ]
depth: subtidal 
substrate: in sand [ in sand and coral-rubble and weed ]
substrate: sand [ in sand and coral-rubble and weed ]
substrate: seaweed [ in sand and coral-rubble and weed ]


 Cernohorsky, W.O. 1991. p.105 [ Distribution map (Pl. 101), synonymy, type information and general information. ]  General reference
 Kay, E.A. 1979. p.311 General reference
 Wilson, B. 1994. p.157 General reference


                            Neocancilla Cernohorsky, 1966
                              Neocancilla clathrus (Gmelin, 1791)


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