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Bivalvia Ostreoida Pectinidae 

Mimachlamys cloacata (Reeve, 1853)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Pecten rugosus Sowerby, 1842
   Pecten cloacatus Reeve, 1853
   Pecten valdecostatus Melvill, 1888
   Pecten (Chlamys) pelseneeri Dautzenberg & Bavay, 1912
   Mimachlamys curtisiana Iredale, 1939


  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-China
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-China
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-Malaysia
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificOceania
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricNE coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricN coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricGulf of Carp.
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaQueensland
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaNorthern Territory
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Queensland
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Gulf of Carpentaria


depth: intertidal 
depth: subtidal 
substrate: mud 
substrate: sand [ amongst rubble and seaweed ]


 Dijkstra, H.H. 1990. p.10 [ as Chlamys ( Chlamys) cloacata ]  Alternate taxonomic arrangement
 Dijkstra, H.H. 1991. p.29 [ as Chlamys cloacata; synonymy, Indonesian material, distribution, ecology, remarks ]  General reference
 Dijkstra, H.H. 1998. p.41, pl. 8, figs. 4-5 Contains synonymy
 Lamprell, K. & Whitehead, T. 1992. p.20 [ as Mimachlamys curtisiana ]  General reference
 Rombouts, A. 1991. [ p. 10, pl. 4, fig. 4, description, distribution as Chlamys (Chlamys) cloacata; p. 7, pl. 6, fig. 3 as Argopecten pelseneeri ]  Alternate taxonomic arrangement


                    Pectinidae Wilkes, 1810
                      Mimachlamys Iredale, 1929
                        Mimachlamys cloacata (Reeve, 1853)


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=45253) created by Shannon Reid on 2001-04-30. Record last updated by Peter Ulrik Middelfart on 2001-07-30.