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Reference SOWERBYBOOK044

Sowerby, G.B. (1st) (1833). Conus . pp. pls 2437 in Sowerby, G.B. (2nd) The Conchological Illustrations or coloured figures of all the hitherto unfigured recent shells. London : G.B. Sowerby (2nd).

Reference Type: BS
Author(s): Sowerby, G.B. (1st)
Year of Publication: 1833
Date of Publication:
Title: Conus
Book Title: Conus
Editor: Sowerby, G.B. (2nd)
Part No:
Publisher: G.B. Sowerby (2nd)
Place: London
Pages: pls 24-37
Total Pages:

Start Page: 24
End Page: 37

Names Mentioned

   Conus artoptus Sowerby, 1833
   Conus discrepans Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus albomaculatus Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus bicolor Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus balteatus Sowerby, 1833
   Conus fabula Sowerby, 1833
   Conus bicolor Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus musivum Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus maculosus Sowerby, 1833
   Conus obscurus Sowerby I, 1833
   Conus consors Sowerby, 1833
   Conus planicostatus Sowerby I, 1833


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