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Reference BEU1970A

Beu, A.G. (1970). The mollusca of the Genus Charonia (Family Cymatiidae) . Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Biological Sciences. (16) 11 : 205223, pls 15

Beu, A.G., 1970 [11/3/1970].The mollusca of the Genus Charonia (Family Cymatiidae) . Trans. R. Soc. N.Z., Biol. Sciences16, 11:205-22315.

Date of Publication: 11/3/1970
Journal Notes:

Names Mentioned

   Charonia lampas (Linnaeus, 1758)
   Murex lampas Linnaeus, 1758
   Charonia tritonis (Linnaeus, 1758)
   Nyctilochus Gistel, 1848


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