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Reference Matsukuma1989a

Matsukuma, A., 1989. Studies on the Kawamura Collection (Mollusca) stored in the National Science Museum, Tokyo - VI. Living Pholadomyid bivalves from the northwestern Pacific, with description of a new species. Venus 48(4):207-221

Matsukuma, A., 1989. . , 48(4):207-221.

Names Mentioned

   Pholadomya (Pholadomya) G.B. Sowerby, 1823
   Pholadomya (Pholadomya) pacifica Dall, 1907
   Pholadomya (Nipponopanacca) sakuraii Habe, 1958
   Pholadomya (Nipponopanacca) Habe, 1977
   Pholadomya levicaudata Matsukuma, 1989
   Shinkailepas Okutani, Saito & Hashimoto, 1989
   Pholadomya (Nipponopanacca) levicaudata Matsukuma, 1989


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