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Reference HABE1964F

Habe, T. (1964). Razor shells in Japan and its adjacent areas. Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Tokyo. 7 : 716, 1 pl.

Habe, T., 1964. Razor shells in Japan and its adjacent areas.. Bull. Nat. Sci. Mus. Tokyo, 7:7-161.

Journal Notes: { fs24 par f1fs17 }

Names Mentioned

   Solen (Solen) corneus Lamarck, 1818
   Solen (Solen) lamarckii Deshayes, 1839
   Solen (Solen) sloanii Gray in Hanley, 1842
   Solen (Solen) grandis Dunker, 1862
   Solen (Solen) luzonicus (Dunker, 1862)
   Solen (Solen) roseomaculatus Pilsbry, 1901
   Solen (Solen) gordonis Yokoyama, 1920


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