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Reference RK154

Christiaens, J. (1988). Red Sea Malacology VI. Revision of the Phenacolepas of the Red Sea. Gloria Maris. 27 (5-6): 6582

Christiaens, J., 1988. {Red Sea Malacology VI. Revision of the i Phenacolepasi0 of the Red Sea}. Gloria Maris, 27(5-6):65-82.

Names Mentioned

   Plesiothyreus galathea (Lamarck, 1819)
   Plesiothyreus cytherae (Lesson, 1831)
   Phenacolepas crenulata (Broderip, 1834)
   Plesiothyreus osculans (C. B. Adams, 1852)
   Plesiothyreus arabica (Thiele, 1909)
   Plesiothyreus elongata (Thiele, 1909)
   Phenacolepas evansi Biggs, 1973
   Phenacolepas omanensis Biggs, 1973
   Plesiothyreus pararabica (Christiaens, 1988)


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