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Reference Lorenz2001

Lorenz, F. (2001). Monograph of the living Zoila. Hackenheim, Germany : Conchbooks. 187 pp.

Lorenz, F., 2001. {Monograph of the livingi Zoila}. Conchbooks, Hackenheim, Germany. 187 pp..

Names Mentioned

   Zoila friendii (Gray, 1831)
   Zoila friendii friendii (Gray, 1831)
   Zoila venusta (Sowerby, 1847)
   Zoila venusta venusta (Sowerby, 1847)
   Zoila marginata marginata (Gaskoin, 1849)
   Zoila thersites thersites (Gaskoin, 1849)
   Zoila decipiens (Smith, 1880)
   Zoila Jousseaume, 1884
   Zoila friendii vercoi Schilder, 1930
   Zoila thersites contraria Iredale, 1935
   Zoila thersites contraria Iredale, 1935
   Zoila venusta episema (Iredale, 1939)
   Zoila rosselli Cotton, 1948
   Zoila jeaniana (Cate, 1968)
   Zoila jeaniana jeaniana (Cate, 1968)
   Zoila perlae Lopez & Chiang, 1975
   Zoila keytana (Raybaudi, 1978)
   Zoila keytana ketyana (Raybaudi, 1978)
   Cypraea marginata ketyana Raybaudi, 1978
   Zoila (Zoila) jeaniana aurata Raybaudi, 1979
   Zoila jeaniana aurata Raybaudi, 1979
   Zoila mariellae Raybaudi, 1983
   Zoila (Zoila) venusta roseopunctata Raybaudi, 1985
   Zoila marginata albanyensis Raybaudi, 1985
   Zoila marginata albanyensis Raybaudi, 1985
   Zoila venusta roseopunctata (Raybaudi, 1985)
   Zoila orientalis (Raybaudi, 1985)
   Zoila marginata orientalis Raybaudi, 1985
   Zoila eludens Raybaudi, 1991


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