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Reference BlakeOliver1982c

Blake, A.F. & Oliver, P.G., 1982. Handlists of the Molluscan Collections in the Department of Zoology, National Museum of Wales. The Melvill-Tomlin Collection. Part 12. Epitoniacea.

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Author(s): Blake, A.F. & Oliver, P.G.
Year of Publication: 1982
Date of Publication:
Book Title:
Part No: 12
Series: 1
Total Pages:

Start Page: 0
End Page: 0

Names Mentioned

   Epitonium (Unplaced) bizeti de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) pulchrisculpta de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) singapoorensis de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) tenuicancellata de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) loevilamella de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) anceps de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) caledonica de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) crispulicosta de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) indebilis de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) nipponensis de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) rossiteri de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) solutissima de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) burnupi de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) tenuilobata de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) bartschi de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) desueta de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) plini de Boury, ***
   Epitonium (Unplaced) sexlobata de Boury, ***
   Gyroscala (Gyroscala) lamellosa (Lamarck, 1822)
   Cirsotrema (Elegantiscala) varicosum (Lamarck, 1822)
   Amaea (Scalina) decussata Kiener, 1838
   Epitonium (Unplaced) clementina Grateloup, 1840
   Epitonium (Folaceiscala) dubia Sowerby, 1844
   Epitonium (Unplaced) maculosa Adams & Reeve, 1850
   Amaea (Acrilla) gracilis A. Adams, 1860
   Epitonium (Unplaced) crebricostata Carpenter, 1868
   Epitonium (Unplaced) kraussi Nyst, 1871
   Epitonium (Unplaced) subnudata Sowerby, 1874
   Cirratiscala undulatissimum Sowerby, 1874
   Cirsotrema (Cirsotrema) multiperforata (Sowerby, 1874)
   Epitonium (Unplaced) centiquadra Mörch, 1875
   Epitonium (Unplaced) microsoma Tapperone-Canefri, 1876
   Epitonium (Unplaced) wellingtonensis Kirk, 1880
   Epitonium (Epitonium) andouini Jousseaume, 1894
   Amaea (Scalina) fimbriolata Melvill, 1897
   Epitonium (Unplaced) malcolmensis Melvill, 1898
   Epitonium (Unplaced) crolla Melvill & Standen, 1903
   Epitonium (Unplaced) eusculpta Sowerby, 1903
   Epitonium (Unplaced) deifica (Melvill & Standen, 1903)
   Epitonium (Unplaced) emiliae Melvill & Standen, 1903
   Cirratiscala de Boury, 1909
   Epitonium (Epitonium) histricosum (Jousseaume, 1912)
   Epitonium (Unplaced) trochoides (de Boury, 1912)
   Epitonium (Epitonium) sexcostum Jousseaume, 1912


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