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Reference Trew1985a

Trew, A., 1985. The Melvill-Tomlin Collection. Part. 29. Hipponiacea/Calyptracea. Handlists of the Molluscan Collections in the Department of Zoology, National Museum of Wales.

Reference Type:
Author(s): Trew, A.
Year of Publication: 1985
Date of Publication:
Book Title:
Part No: 29
Series: 1
Publisher: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
Total Pages:

Start Page: 1
End Page: 23

Names Mentioned

   Couthouyia persoluta Nevill, ***
   Capulus paleacea Menke, ***
   Couthouyia stolickzanus Nevill, ***
   Calyptraea chinensis Linnaeus, 1758
   Crepidula porcellana Lamarck, 1801
   Crucibulum imbricatum Sowerby, 1824
   Crucibulum scutellatum Wood, 1828
   Iphinoe unicarinatus Broderip & Sowerby, 1829
   Vanikoro sulcata Orbigny, 1842
   Vanikoro granulosa (Récluz, 1845)
   Euchelus pullatus (Anton, 1848)
   Calyptrea trigonalis Adams & Reeve, 1850
   Iphinoe H. & A. Adams, 1856
   Crucibulum corrugatum Gould & Carpenter, 1857
   Crucibulum ferrugineum Reeve, 1858
   Couthouyia tornatilis Gould, 1859
   Calyptraea (Bicatillus) lividum Reeve, 1859
   Fossarus lamellosus Montrouzier, 1861
   Couthouyia japonica A. Adams, 1863
   Sigapatella tenuis Gray, 1867
   Couthouyia insignis Nevill, 1871
   Krebsia Mörch, 1877
   Krebsia granulosus A. Adams, 1877
   Capulus badius Dunker, 1882
   Calyptraea helicoidea Sowerby, 1883
   Couthouyia styliferinus Nevill, 1884
   Euchelus lischkei Pilsbry, 1904
   Lippistes tropaeum Melvill, 1912
   Couthouyia cancellarius Melvill, 1918
   Zelippistes Finlay, 1926


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