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Reference Kaas1979B

Kaas, P., 1979. The chitons Mollusca of Mozambique. Annals of the Natal Museum 23(3):855-879

Kaas, P., 1979. The chitons Mollusca of Mozambique . Ann. Natal Mus., 23(3):855-879.

Names Mentioned

   Dinoplax Carpenter in Dall, 1882
   Ischnochiton (Unplaced) yerburyi (E. A. Smith, 1891)
   Dinoplax fossus Sykes, 1899
   Craspedochiton isipingoensis (Sykes, 1901)
   Cryptoplax dupuisi Ashby, 1931
   Chiton (Chiton) barnardi Ashby, 1931
   Chiton (Chiton) groschi Kaas, 1979
   Acanthochitona jugotenuis Kaas, 1979
   Tonicia (Lucilina) carnosa Kaas, 1979


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