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Reference Cotto1951x05

Cotton, B.C. (1951). Australian Recent and Tertiary Mollusca, family Cerithiopsidae. Records of the South Australian Museum. 9 (4): 383396

Cotton, B.C., 1951 [June 30].Australian Recent and Tertiary Mollusca, family Cerithiopsidae.. Rec. South Aust. Mus., 9(4):0-0.

Date of Publication: June 30

Names Mentioned

   Seila crocea (Angas, 1871)
   Seila albosutura (Tenison-Woods, 1876)
   Zaclys semilaevis (Tenison-Woods, 1877)
   Specula turbonilloides (Tenison Woods, 1879)
   Joculator ridicula (Watson, 1886)
   Seila marmorata (Tate, 1893)
   Tubercliopsis cessicus (Hedley, 1906)
   Binda cacuminata (Hedley & Petterd, 1906)
   Socienna trisculpta (May, 1912)
   Socienna apicicostata (May, 1919)
   Specula regina Cotton, 1951


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