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Reference Cotto1957x12

Cotton, B.C. (1957). Records of uncommon southern Australian Mollusca. Records of the South Australian Museum. 13 (1): 117130

Cotton, B.C., 1957 [April 30].Records of uncommon southern Australian Mollusca.. Rec. South Aust. Mus., 13(1):117-130.

Date of Publication: April 30

Names Mentioned

   Apicalia brazieri (Angas, 1877)
   Pelseneeria brunneus (Tate, 1889)
   Melanella mayi (Tate, 1900)
   Melanella inflata (Tate & May, 1900)
   Melanella montebelloensis (Iredale, 1914)
   Melanella montageuana (Iredale, 1914)
   Melanella australiensis (Thiele, 1930)
   Melanella modesta Thiele, 1930
   Melanella helena Thiele, 1930
   Melanella elsa Thiele, 1930


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