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Reference Reid1989x27

Reid, D.G. (1989). Systematic revision of the Recent species of Peasiella (Gastropoda, Littorinidae), with notes on the fossil species. The Nautilus. 103 (2): 4369

Reid, D.G., 1989 [31/Dec/1989].{Systematic revision of the Recent species of i Peasiellai0 (Gastropoda, Littorinidae), with notes on the fossil speciesf1fs17 }. Nautilus, 103(2):43-69.

Date of Publication: 31/Dec/1989
Journal Notes:

Names Mentioned

   Peasiella tantilla (Gould, 1849)
   Trochus conoidalis Pease, 1868
   Peasiella conoidalis (Pease, 1868)
   Peasiella infracostata (Issel, 1869)
   Peasiella isseli (Semper in Issel, 1869)
   Risella isseli Semper in Issel, 1869
   Rissella infracostata Issel, 1869
   Echinella gaidai Montrouzier in Souverbie & Montrouzier, 1879
   Peasiella Nevill, 1885
   Risella (Peasiella) templiana Nevill, 1885
   Peasiella roepstorffiana (Nevill, 1885)
   Risella (Peasiella) tantillus subinfracostata Nevill, 1885
   Risella (Peasiella) templiana var. nigrofasciata Nevill, 1885
   Risella (Peasiella) roepstorffiana Nevill, 1885
   Risella (Peasiella) templiana var. subimbricata Nevill, 1885
   Peasiella lutulenta Reid, 1989
   Peasiella lutulenta Reid, 1989


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