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Reference TRYON1886A

Tryon, G.W. (1886). Manual of Conchology. Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia, Journal. (1) 8 : 1–461, 79 pls

Tryon, G.W., 1886. Manual of Conchology. Jour. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil.1, 8:1-461.

Journal Notes:

Names Mentioned

   Stilifer orbigyanus Hupé, 1860
   Siliquaria (Pyxipoma) tahitensis (Mörch, 1861)
   Siliquaria (Siliquaria) ponderosus (Mörch, 1861)
   Siliquaria (Siliquaria) trochlearis (Mörch, 1861)
   Siliquaria (Siliquaria) tostus (Mörch, 1861)
   Siliquaria (Siliquaria) cumingii (Mörch, 1861)


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