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Reference TREW1992A

Trew, A. (1992). Henry and Arthur Adams's new molluscan names. Cardiff : National Museum of Wales. 63 pp.

Trew, A., 1992. Henry and Arthur Adams's new molluscan names. National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. 63.

Names Mentioned

   Amphidesma exarata A. Adams & Reeve, 1850
   Emarginula eximia A. Adams, 1852
   Subemarginula cratitia A. Adams, 1852
   Clypidina scabricula A. Adams, 1852
   Emarginula (Emarginula) puncticulata Adams, 1852
   Emarginula micans A. Adams, 1852
   Emarginula pulchra A. Adams, 1852
   Clypidina stellata A. Adams, 1852
   Emarginula candida A. Adams, 1852
   Clypidina acuminata A. Adams, 1852
   Pyramidella (Unplaced) propinqua A.Adams, 1853
   Kleinella (Actaeopyramis) tenella (A.Adams, 1853)
   Kleinella (Actaeopyramis) lauta (A.Adams, 1853)
   Syrnola (Styloptygma) stylina (A.Adams, 1853)
   Chrysallida (Mumiola) spirata (Adams, 1853)
   Kleinella (Actaeopyramis) speciosa (A.Adams, 1853)
   Pyramidella (Unplaced) variegata A.Adams, 1854
   Pyramidella (Unplaced) nitida A.Adams, 1854
   Pyramidella (Unplaced) gracilis A.Adams, 1854
   Neaera fragilis A. Adams, 1856
   Curvemysella peculiaris (A. Adams, 1856)
   Semele exigua H. Adams, 1862


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