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2005 Expedition

Hovsgol and lower Selenge region, 2005

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Expertise/Role in Expedition



  • Dr. Jon Gelhaus

Diptera, General

The Academy of Natural Sciences, PA, USA

  • Dr. Barbara Hayford

Chironomidae, (Benthic)

University of California at Davis

Researchers  in training

  • Ms. Monkjargal (Monkhou) Gotov


Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Mongolia

  • Ms. Oyunchuluun Yadamsuren (Oyunaa)

Tipuloidea, Orthoptera

Selenge Survey Project and Hovsgol GEF Project

  • Ms. Sanaa Enkhtaivan


Selenge Survey Project and Hovsgol GEF Project

  • Ms. Suvdtsetseg (Suvdaa)


Selenge Survey Project and Hovsgol GEF Project

  •  Ms. Enkhnasan (Nasa)

Aquatic Coleoptera

Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Entomology

  •  Ms. Arianjargal (water chemistry)Hydrologist - IMH

Water Chemistry

Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Mongolia

Senior Researchers

  • Dr. Balgan Namkhaidorj

Expedition Advisor. Coleoptera (Cerambycidae)

Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Entomology

  • Dr. Sigitas Podenas

Tipuloidea (adult)

Vilnius University, Lithuania

  • Dr. Virginija Podeniene

Tipuloidea (immatures)

Vilnius University, Lithuania

  • Dr. C. Riley Nelson

General Aquatics, Plecoptera, Diptera

Brigham Young University, Utah, USA

  • Ms. Debra (Debbie) Baker

Benthic sampling leader.

University of Kansas, USA

  • Dr. Tomas Soldan


Czech Academy of  Science, Entomology

  • Dr. Charles Bartlett

Homoptera. (Not aquatic but using expedition structure for his needed sampling)

University of Delaware, USA


  • Katie Jo Hopp, REU 

Benthic sampling

Luther College, Iowa, USA

  • Ms. Uugnatsetseg Bayambajav (Uugnaa)

Diatom student

National University of Mongolia (student of Dr. Soninkhishig Nergui)

Support Staff

  •  Ms. Khandsuren (Khandaa)

Expedition manager

National University of Mongolia

  •  Bayarmaa

Cook 1

  •  Lena

Cook 2

  •  Lead Driver (Baga)

Jeep 1

  •  Driver 2 (Myagaa)

Jeep 2

  •  Driver 3 ( Tumor)

Van 3

  •  Driver 4 (Truck 66)

Truck 4

  •  Driver 5 (Batgerel)

Jeep 5

  MAIN EXPEDITION – 23 days (July 4-26, 2005)
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Main route: From Ulaanbaatar go on paved road to Sukhbataar, leave paved road and then follow Selenge River upstream on north road, then upstream of Eg River to basin east of Hovsgol, then to upper Delger Moron drainage, then to far west lakes, then drop south to sample tributary of lower Ider River, also Hunay and Hanay rivers and then return to Ulaanbaatar.

Road southwest from Sukhbataar along north slope of Selenge River valley

  1. Shurengiin Gol, 52 km SW Tsagaannuur  (near Sogooch) – south flowing trib of Selenge River
  2. Khyalgant (Hyalganat) town – sample Selenge-Moron river at bridge crossing south of town
  3. Khartsain Gol, southflowing trib of Selenge, 16 km W of Hyalganat.
  4. Bayangol (stream) –  southflowing tributary of the Egiin Gol, 47 KM W  of Hyalganat
  5. Khuntain (Hantay) town, south of Egiin crossing,.  Sample here.
  6. Tarvagtain gol (Tarvagatay gol) – trib of Egiin from east, north of Hantay.
  7. Unnamed tributary of Tarvagtain just before it flows into the Egiin
  8. Unnamed tributary of Egiin, just west of 7. 
  9. Unnamed stream at Teshig.
  10. Ereen gol, right at confluence with west trib., northwest of Teshig
  11. Uur gol (near its confluence with Egiin) just north of town of Zerleg.
  12. Darkhintiin gol , NW of Tsagaan Uur
  13. Unnamed trib to the east of the main branch of Arshaant gol (Rashaant gol on road map) north of Tsagaan-Uur
  14. Uur gol, near headwaters – Kheven gol  (called Heven gol on road map)
  15. Khoh gol (Hoh gol) just before confluence with Uur gol
  16. Khokhooliin gol (Hohov gol on road map) – northwest of Chandamani-Ondor.  Further upstream is a well-known hot springs Bulnain Rashaan.
  17. Egiin gol, 20 km west of Erdenebulgan (called Tarialan Sum on topo although a town by that name is is a different place on road map), although the road comes in from the west
  18. Drive through Moron, stop at -  Khorontalin gol (called Horonteliin Gol on road map), 30 km north of Arbulag, just north of Toom on road.
  19. Beltesiin Gol, just south of Bayanzurh
  20. Upper drainage of Delgermoron River, at crossing j ust west of Agar
  21. Lower Delgermoron River on main highway, just east of Khokh Khotol
  22. Lake (Tunamal Nuur, which is a salt lake =davst nuur)
  23. Sangiyn dalay nuur, also a salt lake.
  24. Khartsatyn Gol, tributary flowing north to Ider, 7 km south of Galt
  25. Khonjiliin Gol, trib flowing northwest to Ider, 30 km southeast of Jargalant
  26. Bugsein gol , 13 km W Tomorbulag
  27. Selenge River, at its start at the confluence of Delger Moron, Chuluut, Ider and Bugsein gols – 6 km S of Tosontsengel
  28. Chuluutyn Gol – 26 km NW of Jargalant
  29. Ikh Uliastain Gol, tributary of Chuluut, 8 km NW Jargalant
  30. Khanui Gol  (Hanuy Gol), southwest of town of Erdenemandal
  31. Khünüi Gol (Hunuy Gol), at town of Khairkhan (Hayrhan)
  32. Jarantain gol, tributary of Khunui gol , near town of Jarantay, 17 km SE of 31

2005 Selenge River Survey Expedition, Mongolia
Collection Site Data

Download this Word file for all the 2005 localities for generating labels

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Personal Supply List
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Mongolia 2005 Expedition


Camping Gear


Optional as we provide this

Sleeping bag

Cold temperature many nights

Sleeping bag pad




Camp Chair


Clothes and Laundry

The best bet is to bring clothes that are light weight, easily cleaned and dried in the field, also that you can layer.


Laundry bag

Laundry detergent

Biodegradable if possible


Wide brim is better

Light weight pants

One to two pairs that can take a lot of dirt and wash easily in field

bathing suit

optional but maybe something you want for use in river, lakes


ok for town, use around camp

t-shirts or tanks

Wind breaker

Bring a good one

Something warm and fleecy



Optional - better to layer than to bring one bulky coat


Or outdoor slippers


For hiking (we supply wading boots)

Knee High Galoshes

For wet mornings in tall grasses

Nice outfit

Meetings or nice dinner in Ulaanbaatar

Head Net

Just in case . . .


Long underwear

Very important on cold nights


Rain Coat

Can be same as wind breaker


Shampoo and soap

Recommend biodegradable

Toothpaste and toothbrush


Shaving gear

Comb and brush


Skin cream, female, male hygiene, we will be nearly a month away from most stores

Eating and Drinking

Water bottle

Large, Must hold boiling water without melting

Water purifier

Optional, all camp water is boiled


Camp gear


Camp gear


Camp gear


Camp gear


your favorite power bars, spices, decaf tea or coffee, oatmeal, drink mix


Insect Repellent

Sun block

First Aid Kit

Bandages, neosporin, antibiotics, anti constipation and anti diarrhea medicaton, aspirin, etc.


Specific medications such as sinus medication, high blood pressure, etc.



Travellers checks and a money belt are recommended

Money Belts

Travellers checks need to be exhanged in the capital at one of the banks. US dollars worthless in the countryside. (there is nothing to buy anyway!)


Travel Visas

Not needed for Americans

Copies of Passport, ID, letters of invite

Need letter of invite if you stay more than 30 days

Collection permits

Expedition arranges; you may arrange your US import permits if needed for specimens.




if you are using an older camera; extra memory cards for digital cameras




Duct Tape



Small useful things - things that say something about where you are from, etc.

Large to small plastic bags

To keep materials dry, both zip lock and non zip lock

Extra batteries for camera


Head lamp


Extra glasses

Contacts supplies


Can buy in Mongolia, just be sure to take in countryside

Batteries for all equipment

Small photo album

optional, nice to share photos of your family, workplace, etc

Compiled by B. Hayford with additions from J. Gelhaus, 2005

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