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Gastropoda Hypsogastropoda Triphoridae 

Iniforis Jousseaume, 1884

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Iniforis Jousseaume, 1884

Included taxa

   Iniforis violaceus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1834)
   Iniforis violaceus (QUOY & GAIMARD, 1834 in 1832-35)
   Iniforis aemulans (Hinds, 1843)
   Iniforis concors (Hinds, 1843)
   Iniforis concors (HINDS, 1843-h)
   Iniforis speciosa (ADAMS & REEVE, 1850 in 1848-50)
   Iniforis reevei (Deshayes, 1863)
   Iniforis perfecta (Pease, 1871)
   Iniforis distinguenda (Dunker, 1881)
   Iniforis ducosensis (Jousseaume, 1884)
   Iniforis poecilus (HERVIER, 1897)
   Iniforis lifuana (HERVIER, 1897)
   Iniforis formosulus (HERVIER, 1897)
   Iniforis jousseaumei (Hervier, 1897)
   Iniforis peleae (Baker and Spicer, 1935)
   Iniforis porrecta Laseron, 1958
   Iniforis ordinata Laseron, 1958
   Iniforis zonata Laseron, 1958
   Iniforis tuberia Laseron, 1958
   Iniforis albogranosa (KOSUGE, 1961-a)
   Iniforis bellula (KOSUGE, 1961-a)
   Iniforis fusiformis (KOSUGE, 1961-a)
   Iniforis alba (KOSUGE, 1961-a)
   Iniforis undata Kosuge, 1962
   Iniforis ikukoae (KOSUGE, 1963)
   Iniforis hinuhinu Kay, 1979
   Iniforis limitaris Redher, 1980


                        Triphoridae Gray, 1847
                          Triphorinae Gray, 1847
                            Iniforis Jousseaume, 1884


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