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Gastropoda old Ellobiidae 

Cassidula (Cassidula) Gray, 1847

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Cassidula Férussac, 1821
   Melosidula Iredale, 1936

Included taxa

   Cassidula (Cassidula) nucleus (Gmelin, 1791)
   Cassidula (Cassidula) aurisfelis (Bruguière, 1792)
   Cassidula (Cassidula) angulifera (Petit, 1841)
   Cassidula (Cassidula) rugata (Menke, 1843)
   Cassidula (Cassidula) sowerbyana (Pfeiffer, 1853)
   Cassidula (Cassidula) zonata H. and A. Adams, 1855
   Cassidula (Cassidula) granosula (Iredale, 1936)


 Strand, E. 1942. p.387 Synonomy
 Zilch, A. 1959.  Type GenusExt


                  old Pulmonata
                      Cassidula Gray, 1847
                        Cassidula (Cassidula) Gray, 1847


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