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Gastropoda old Lymnaeidae 

Austropeplea lessoni (Deshayes, 1830)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Limnaea lessoni Deshayes, 1830
   Limnaea perlevis Conrad, 1850
   Amphipeplea strangei Pfeiffer, 1854
   Amphipeplea melbournensis Pfeiffer, 1856
   Limnaeus affinis Küster, 1862
   Amphipeplea phillipsi A. Adams and Angas, 1864
   Amphipeplea vinosa A. Adams and Angas, 1864
   Amphipeplea iuvoluta Schmeltz, 1869
   Limnaea spirulata Sowerby, 1872
   Limnaea deshayesii Sowerby, 1872
   Limnaea globosa Sowerby, 1872
   Limnaea cumingii Sowerby, 1872
   Limnaea angasi Sowerby, 1872
   Amphipeplea queenslandica Clessin, 1886
   Peplimnea lilimera Iredale, 1943
   Peplimnea vinolenta Iredale, 1943
   Peplimnea caurina Iredale, 1943
   Peplimnea lessoni thema Iredale, 1944
   Peplimnea opima Iredale, 1944
   Peplimnea spiriger Iredale, 1944


eCode: detritus-feeder 
eCode: lentic freshwater 
eCode: lotic freshwater 
eCode: swamp 


 Hubendick, B. 1951. p.178 Synonomy


                  old Pulmonata
                      Austropeplea Cotton, 1942
                        Austropeplea lessoni (Deshayes, 1830)


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