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Gastropoda old Ancylidae 

Ferrissia (Pettancylus) petterdi (Johnston, 1879)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Gundlachia petterdi Johnston, 1879
   Ancylus woodsii Johnston, 1879
   Ancylus australicus Tate, 1880
   Ancylus oblonga Petterd, 1884
   Gundlachia beddomei Petterd, 1888
   Ancylus smithi Cox, 1890
   Gundlachia eremia Cotton and Godfrey, 1938
   Pettancylus occidentalis Iredale, 1943
   Pettancylus dextrenus Iredale, 1943
   Pettancylus epenus Iredale, 1943
   Pettancylus enigma Iredale, 1943
   Problancylus anticipatus Iredale, 1944
   Forsancylus divellus Iredale, 1944


eCode: algal-feeder 
eCode: bacteria-feeder 
eCode: lentic freshwater 
eCode: lotic freshwater 
eCode: swamp 


 Hubendick, B. 1960. [anatomy]  General reference
 Hubendick, B. 1967. p.12 Synonomy


                  old Pulmonata
                      Ferrissia Walker, 1903
                        Ferrissia (Pettancylus) Iredale, 1943
                          Ferrissia (Pettancylus) petterdi (Johnston, 1879)


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