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Gastropoda old Lymnaeidae 

Austropeplea tomentosa (Pfeiffer, 1855)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Succinea tomentosa Pfeiffer, 1855
   Limnaea huonensis Tenison-Woods, 1876
   Limnaea launcestonensis Tenison-Woods, 1876
   Limnaea papyracea Tate, 1880
   Limnaea subaquatilis Tate, 1880
   Limnaea viridula Tate, 1882
   Limnaea brazieri Smith, 1882
   Limnaea victoriae Smith, 1882
   Limnaea lutosa Petterd, 1889
   Limnaea subaquatilis neglecta Petterd, 1889
   Limnaea gunnii Petterd, 1889
   Limnaea venustula Cherry, 1896
   Lymnaea aruntalis Cotton and Godfrey, 1938
   Glacilimnea gelida Iredale, 1943
   Simlimnea morbida Iredale, 1944
   Simlimnea aegrifer Iredale, 1944


eCode: lentic freshwater 
eCode: lotic freshwater 
eCode: swamp 


 Boray, J.C. & McMichael, D.F. 1961. p.151 Synonomy
 Hubendick, B. 1951. [anatomy, biogeography]  General reference


                  old Pulmonata
                      Austropeplea Cotton, 1942
                        Austropeplea tomentosa (Pfeiffer, 1855)


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