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Gastropoda Hypsogastropoda Volutidae 

Fulgoraria Schumacher, 1817

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) Schumacher, 1817
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) concinna concinna (BRODERIP, 1836-a)
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) megaspira SOWERBY I, 1844-c
   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei hamillei (CROSSE, 1869-b)
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) Crosse, 1871
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) prevostiana (CROSSE, 1878-b)
   Fulgoraria (Kurodina) smithi (SOWERBY III, 1901)
   Fulgoraria (Musashia) hirasei (SOWERBY III, 1912)
   Fulgoraria (Musashia) clara (SOWERBY III, 1914-e)
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko kaneko HIRASE, 1922
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) daviesi (FULTON, 1938)
   Fulgoraria (Saotomea) Habe, 1943
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) kamakurensis OTSUKA, 1949
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) magna KURODA & HABE in HABE, 1950
   Fulgoraria (Musashia) cancellata (KURODA & HABE, 1950-c)
   Fulgoraria (Musashia) noguchii HAYASHI, 1960-a
   Fulgoraria (Musashia) Hayashi, 1960
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) elongata SHIKAMA, 1962-a
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko hayashii HABE & ITO, 1965-b
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko itoi SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) exoptanda SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) concinna rosea SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) concinna corrugata SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) Shikama, 1967
   Fulgoraria (Nipponomelon) salebrosa (SHIKAMA, 1967-a)
   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei nipponkaiensis SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei sinica SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) hamillei tosaensis SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Psephaea) kaneko yamamotoi SHIKAMA, 1967-a
   Fulgoraria (Kurodina) Rehder, 1969
   Fulgoraria (Fulgoraria) rupestris aurantia SHIKAMA, 1970


  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-China


 Bondarev, I. & Bail, P. 1999. p.12 [ genus divided into subgenera ]  Alternate taxonomic arrangement
 Poppe, G.T. & Goto, Y. 1992. p.21 General reference
 Weaver, C.S. & du Pont, J.E. 1970. p.31 [ synonymy, type information, distribution and description ]  General reference


                        Volutidae Rafinesque, 1815
                          Fulgorarinae Pilsbry & Olsson, 1954
                            Fulgoraria Schumacher, 1817


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=37492) created by Shannon Reid on 2001-02-01. Record last updated by bouchet genera on 2002-07-16.