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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Scaphandridae 

Cylichna Lovén, 1846

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Cylichna Cylichna brevissima
   Cylichna Cylichna laeta
   Cylichna Cylichna crenilabris
   Cylichna Cylichna oporosa
   Cylichna Cylichna melampoides
   Cylichna Cylichna concinna
   Cylichna Cylichna pyramatida
   Cylichna Cylichna biplicata
   Cylichna Cylichna brazerei
   Cylichna Cylichna bacillus
   Cylichna Cylichna pulvisculus
   Cylichna Cylichna mica
   Cylichna Cylichna strigella
   Cylichna Cylichna concentrica
   Cylichna Cylichna ellipsoidea
   Cylichna Cylichna villica
   Cylichna Cylichna faoensis
   Cylichna Cylichna lepidula
   Cylichna Cylichna marmorata
   Cylichna Cylichna fijiensis
   Cylichna Cylichna bizona
   Cylichna Cylichna granosa
   Cylichna Cylichna pygmaea
   Cylichna Cylichna lactuca
   Cylichna Cylichna condidula
   Cylichna Cylichna tenuis
   Cylichna Cylichna erecta
   Cylichna ellipsoidea GOULD, 1859 in 1859-61
   Cylichna tubulosa Gould, 1859
   Cylichna Cylichna protracta Gould, 1859
   Cylichna Cylichna consorbrina Gould, 1859
   Cylichna Cylichna pusilla (Pease), 1860
   Cylichna Cylichna latisucula A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna candidula A.Adams, 1862
   Cylichna latiscula A. ADAMS, 1862-a
   Cylichna Cylichna japonica A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna proxima A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna venustula A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna rimata A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna parallela A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna assimilus A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna pumila A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna inedita A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna inedita A. ADAMS, 1862-a
   Cylichna Cylichna involuta A. Adams, 1862
   Cylichna Cylichna mongii Issel, 1869
   Cylichna Cylichna villiersi Issel, 1869
   Cylichna Cylichna perpusilla Smith, 1872
   Cylichna Cylichna pumilissima Smith, 1872
   Cylichna Cylichna striata Hutton, 1873
   Cylichna Cylichna consanguinea Smith, 1873
   Cylichna pertenuis E. A. SMITH, 1875-b
   Cylichna grisea (E. A. SMITH, 1875-b)
   Cylichna Cylichna pertenuis Smith, 1875
   Cylichna Cylichna minuta Brazier, 1879
   Cylichna Cylichna zealandica Kirk, 1880
   Cylichna Cylichna semisculata Dunker, 1882
   Cylichna Cylichna labiata Watson, 1883
   Cylichna Cylichna reticulata Watson, 1883
   Cylichna crispula Watson, 1883
   Cylichna subreticulata Watson, 1883
   Cylichna tahitiensis Watson, 1883
   Cylichna sulcata Watson, 1883
   Cylichna crispula WATSON, 1886 in 1885-86
   Cylichna Cylichna ordinaria Smith, 1891
   Cylichna Cylichna bushirensis Melvill and Standen, 1901
   Cylichna Cylichna nitens (Smith), 1903
   Cylichna Cylichna thetidis Hedley, 1903
   Cylichna Cylichna andamanica Smith, 1904
   Cylichna Cylichna pithiscus Melvill, 1904
   Cylichna Cylichna musashiensis Tokunga, 1906
   Cylichna Cylichna collyra Melvill, 1906
   Cylichna Cylichna simplex Murdoch and Suter, 1906
   Cylichna Cylichna doliaria Hedley, 1907
   Cylichna Cylichna approximans Bergh, 1908
   Cylichna Cylichna mecyntea Melvill, 1912
   Cylichna Cylichna javanica Schepman, 1913
   Cylichna Cylichna africana Bartsch, 1915
   Cylichna Cylichina bistriata Tomlin, 1920
   Cylichna Cylichna braunsi Yokoyama, 1920
   Cylichna Cylichna petiti Dautzenberg, 1923
   Cylichna Cylichna nipponensis Nomura and Habe, 1940
   Cylichna consobrinoides KURODA & HABE, 1952-a
   Cylichna Cylichna consobroides Kuroda and Habe, 1952
   Cylichna Cylichna soyoae (Habe), 1954
   Cylichna Cylichna toyamensis Habe, 1955
   Cylichna Cylichna toyamaensis Habe, 1955
   Cylichna toyamaensis HABE, 1956
   Cylichna Cylichna sigmolabris (Habe), 1985


                      Cylichna Lovén, 1846


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=40285) created by Opistobranch Import on 2001-03-28. Record not subsequently updated.