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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Scaphandridae 

Acteocina Gray, 1847

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Acteocina Acteocina sandwichensis
   Acteocina Acteocina amboinenesis
   Acteocina Acteocina sp.
   Acteocina Acteocina cinctella
   Acteocina Acteocina sp. 1
   Acteocina Acteocina polita
   Acteocina Acteocina voluta
   Acteocina Acteocina sp. 2
   Acteocina Acteocina planospira
   Acteocina Acteocina? matsumana Nomura
   Acteocina Acteocina knockeri
   Acteocina Acteocina isselii
   Acteocina Acteocina muscronate
   Acteocina (Truncacteocina) biplex (A. ADAMS, 1850-h)
   Acteocina (Acteocina) simplex (A. ADAMS, 1850-h)
   Acteocina (Acteocina) gracilis (A. ADAMS, 1850-h)
   Acteocina Acteocina biplex (A.Adams), 1850
   Acteocina (Acteocina) fusiformis (A. ADAMS, 1850-h)
   Acteocina (Truncacteocina) coarctata (A. ADAMS, 1850-h)
   Acteocina Acteocina gracilis (A. Adams), 1850
   Acteocina Acteocina coarctata (A. Adams), 1850
   Acteocina simplex (A. Adams, 1850)
   Acteocina fusiformis (A. Adams, 1858)
   Acteocina Acteocina exilis (Dunker), 1859
   Acteocina (Acteocina) exilis (DUNKER, 1860)
   Acteocina Acteocina delicutula (A.Adams), 1862
   Acteocina Acteocina pusilla Issel, 1869
   Acteocina involuta (G. & H. Nevill, 1871)
   Acteocina inconspicua (H. Adams, 1872)
   Acteocina Acteocina persiana Smith, 1873
   Acteocina Acteocina mariae Woods, 1876
   Acteocina Acteocina hofmani Angas, 1877
   Acteocina Acteocina brenchleyi Angas, 1877
   Acteocina Acteocina capitata Pilsbry, 1895
   Acteocina Acteocina singaporensis Pilsbry, 1895
   Acteocina Acteocina subfusca Andre, 1896
   Acteocina Acteocina zoe Melvill and Standen, 1901
   Acteocina Acteocina crithodes Melvill and Standley, 1901
   Acteocina Acteocina meridionalis Smith, 1902
   Acteocina Acteocina exserta Hedley, 1903
   Acteocina (Acteocina) decorata (PILSBRY, 1904-b)
   Acteocina Acteocina insignis Pilsbry, 1904
   Acteocina Acteocina tenuistriata Preston, 1905
   Acteocina Acteocina conspicua Preston, 1908
   Acteocina Acteocina tenuilerata Suter, 1909
   Acteocina Acteocina decapitata Suter, 1909
   Acteocina Acteocina cookianna Suter, 1909
   Acteocina Acteocina charlotte Suter, 1909
   Acteocina Acteocina biplicata Suter, 1909
   Acteocina Acteocina globosa Yamakawa, 1911
   Acteocina Acteocina longispirata Yamakawa, 1911
   Acteocina Acteocina soror Preston, 1914
   Acteocina Acteocina estriata Preston, 1914
   Acteocina Acteocina smithi Bartsch, 1915
   Acteocina Acteocina hawaiiensis Pilsbry, 1920
   Acteocina (Truncacteocina) hawaiensis PILSBRY, 1921
   Acteocina Acteocina yamakawai Yokoyama, 1926
   Acteocina Acteocina gordonis (Yokoyama), 1927
   Acteocina Acteocina gaimardi (Finlay), 1927
   Acteocina (Acteocina) gordonis (YOKOYAMA, 1927)
   Acteocina (Acteocina) kesenensis NOMURA & HATAI, 1935
   Acteocina Acteocina miyaglana Nomura, 1939
   Acteocina (Acteocina) truncatoides (NOMURA, 1939-a)
   Acteocina (Acteocina) tohokuensis (NOMURA, 1939-a)
   Acteocina Acteocina truncatoides Nomura, 1939
   Acteocina Acteocina matsumimana Nomura, 1940
   Acteocina Acteocina decorata (Pilsbry), 1940
   Acteocina (Truncacteocina) oyamai KURODA & HABE, 1954
   Acteocina Acteocina oryamai Kuroda and Habe, 1954
   Acteocina Acteocina oyamai Kuroda and Habe, 1954
   Acteocina Acteocina oryzaella Habe, 1955
   Acteocina (Truncacteocina) oryzaella HABE, 1956
   Acteocina natalensis Barnard, 1963
   Acteocina Acteocina orientalis Lin Guangyu, 1983
   Acteocina atrata Mikkelsen, 1984


                      Acteocina Gray, 1847


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=40345) created by Opistobranch Import on 2001-03-28. Record not subsequently updated.