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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Janolidae 

Janolus Bergh, 1884

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Janolus Bergh, 1884
   Antiopella Hoyle, 1902

Included taxa

   Janolus sp
   Janolus cristatus (Chiaje, 1841)
   Janolus hyalinus (Alder and Hancock, 1854)
   Janolus barbarensis (Cooper, 1863)
   Janolus australis Bergh, 1884
   Janolus capensis Bergh, 1907
   Janolus novozealandicus (Eliot, 1907)
   Janolus indicus (Eliot, 1909)
   Janolus fuscus O'Donoghue, 1924
   Janolus comis Marcus, 1955
   Janolus mucloc (Marcus, 1958)
   Janolus mirabilis Baba and Abe, 1970
   Janolus toyamensis Baba and Abe, 1970
   Janolus praeclarus (Bouchet, 1975)
   Janolus longidentatus Gosliner, 1981
   Janolus ignis Miller & Willan, 1986
   Janolus mokohinau Miller & Willan, 1986
   Janolus eximius Miller & Willan, 1986


 Gosliner, T.M. 1981. p.1 [synonymy, taxonomy, key]  Secondary source
 Miller, M.C. & Willan, R.C. 1986. p.388 Taxonomy


                    Janolidae Pruvot-Fol, 1933
                      Janolus Bergh, 1884


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=41156) created by Opistobranch Import on 2001-03-28. Record last updated by bouchet genera on 2002-07-16.