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Gastropoda old Arionidae 


Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Arion Férussac, 1819


 Hedley, C. 1908. p.478 [Hedley comments after correspondance with E.A. Smith that the type locality of G. sulcosa is in error, the taxon beeing a variety of the common but variable Mediterranean species G. ardens von Salis. The mistake has been repeated in a few subsequent lists, viz., [217], [42], [269], [132], , [243], and probably others, all of which are misidentifications of various taxa; on p. 479 Hedley excludes Gibbula venusta A. Adams, 1853 (type locality: Australia), which is also a variety of G. ardens von Salis, by recommendation by E.A. Smith. This error is apparently only repeated in [244]]  Excluded species


                  old Pulmonata


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