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Gastropoda Hypsogastropoda Cypraeidae 

Cypraeovula capensis (Gray, 1828)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Cypraea capensis Gray, 1828
   Cypraea capensis var. elizabethensis Rous, 1905
   Cypraea capensis var. galactina Sulliotti, 1924
   Cypraea albolineata Turton, 1932
   Cypraeovula capensis gonubiensis Massier, 1994

Common Name

Cape (of Good Hope) Cowry p.87      Lorenz, F. & Hubert, A. 2000.  


Jeffreysbay to Natal

  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereSouth Africa (Cape marine Province)


depth: continental shelf [rarely trawled from 150 m]
depth: continental slope [to 450 m]
depth: intertidal 
depth: subtidal [8-25 m]
substrate: sand [lives under stones and sponges]


 Burgess, C.M. 1985. p.26 [ as Cypraea capensis ]  General reference
 Lorenz, F. & Hubert, A. 2000. p.87 General reference


                        Cypraeidae Gray, 1824
                          Cypraeovulinae Schilder, 1927
                            Cypraeovula Gray, 1824
                              Cypraeovula capensis (Gray, 1828)


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=52537) created by Shannon Reid on 2001-09-27. Record last updated by Shannon Reid on 2003-05-29.