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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Chromodorididae 

Glossodoris species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Glossodoris (Described) marginata (Pease)
   Glossodoris (Described) atromarginata (Cuvier, 1804)
   Glossodoris (Described) pallida (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1828)
   Glossodoris (Described) maccarthyi Kelaart, 1858
   Glossodoris (Described) plumbea (Pagenstecher, 1877)
   Glossodoris (Described) amoena Cheeseman, 1886
   Glossodoris (Described) cincta (Bergh, 1888)
   Glossodoris (Described) rufomarginata (Bergh, 1890)
   Glossodoris (Described) sibogae (Bergh, 1905)
   Glossodoris (Described) albomaculata Pruvot-fol, 1933
   Glossodoris (Described) dollfusi Pruvot-Fol, 1933
   Glossodoris (Described) setoensis Baba, 1938
   Glossodoris (Described) katoi Baba, 1938
   Glossodoris (Described) ransoni Pruvot-Fol, 1945
   Glossodoris (Described) bombayana Winckworth, 1946
   Glossodoris (Described) trimarginata Winckworth, 1946
   Glossodoris (Described) poecila Winckworth, 1946
   Glossodoris (Described) sagamiensis Baba, 1949
   Glossodoris (Described) odhneri Risbec, 1953
   Glossodoris (Described) shirarae Baba, 1953
   Glossodoris (Described) undulata Pruvot-Fol, 1954
   Glossodoris (Described) hikuerensis (Pruvot-Fol, 1954)
   Glossodoris (Described) perplexa Burn, 1957
   Glossodoris (Described) victoriae Burn, 1957
   Glossodoris (Described) arbuta Burn, 1961
   Glossodoris (Described) semeion Winckworth, 1964
   Glossodoris (Described) sedna (Marcus & Marcus, 1967)
   Glossodoris (Described) xishaensis Lin, 1976
   Glossodoris (Described) averni Rudman, 1985
   Glossodoris (Described) undaurum Rudman, 1985
   Glossodoris (Described) cruentus Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) rubroannulata Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) angasi Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) stellatus Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) carlsoni Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) paladentatus Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) gregorius Rudman, 1986
   Glossodoris (Described) misakinosibogae Baba, 1988
   Glossodoris (Described) poliahu Bertsch and Gosliner, 1989
   Glossodoris (Described) tomsmithi Bertsch and Gosliner, 1989
   Glossodoris (Described) symmetricus Rudman, 1990
   Glossodoris (Described) vespa Rudman, 1990
   Glossodoris (Described) electra Rudman, 1990
   Glossodoris (Described) dendrobranchiata Rudman, 1990
   Glossodoris (Described) charlottae Schrödl, 1999


                    Chromodorididae Bergh, 1891
                      Glossodoris Ehrenbergh, 1831
                        Glossodoris (Described) species


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=56804) created by delmar on 2001-11-15. Record last updated by delmar on 2001-11-15.