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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Diaphanidae 

Dendrodoris species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Dendrodoris (Described) gemmacea (Alder and Hancock)
   Dendrodoris (Described) tigrina (Audouin, 1826)
   Dendrodoris (Described) fumata (Rüppell and Leuckart, 1830)
   Dendrodoris (Described) punctata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830)
   Dendrodoris (Described) leptopus Ehrenberg, 1831
   Dendrodoris (Described) lugubris Ehrenberg, 1831
   Dendrodoris (Described) tuberculosa (Quoy & Gaimard, 1832)
   Dendrodoris (Described) nigra (Stimpson, 1855)
   Dendrodoris (Described) rubra (Kelaart, 1858)
   Dendrodoris (Described) fusca Alder and Hancock, 1864
   Dendrodoris (Described) pustulosa Alder and Hancock, 1864
   Dendrodoris (Described) atromaculata Alder and Hancock, 1864
   Dendrodoris (Described) clavulata Alder and Hancock, 1864
   Dendrodoris (Described) denisoni (Angas, 1864)
   Dendrodoris (Described) indacus Tapparone-Canefri, 1874
   Dendrodoris (Described) modesta Bergh, 1876
   Dendrodoris (Described) australiensis Abraham, 1877
   Dendrodoris (Described) citrina Cheeseman, 1881
   Dendrodoris (Described) caesia (Bergh, 1907)
   Dendrodoris (Described) guttata (Odhner, 1917)
   Dendrodoris (Described) gunnamatta Allan, 1932
   Dendrodoris (Described) melaena Allan, 1932
   Dendrodoris (Described) rainfordi Allan, 1932
   Dendrodoris (Described) morulifera Allan, 1932
   Dendrodoris (Described) davisi Allan, 1933
   Dendrodoris (Described) albobrunnea Allan, 1933
   Dendrodoris (Described) elongata Baba, 1936
   Dendrodoris (Described) albopurpura Burn, 1957
   Dendrodoris (Described) maugeana Burn, 1962
   Dendrodoris (Described) coronata Kay & Young, 1969
   Dendrodoris (Described) kranjiensis Lim & Chou, 1970
   Dendrodoris (Described) singaporensis Lim & Chou, 1970
   Dendrodoris (Described) goani Virabhadra, 1974
   Dendrodoris (Described) brodieae Valdes, 2001
   Dendrodoris (Described) orbicularis Valdes, 2001


                    Diaphanidae Odhner, 1914
                      Dendrodoris Ehrenbergh, 1831
                        Dendrodoris (Described) species


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=59224) created by delmar on 2001-12-05. Record last updated by delmar on 2001-12-05.