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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Gymnodorididae 

Gymnodoris species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Gymnodoris (Described) impudica (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830)
   Gymnodoris (Described) cristata Bergh, 1847
   Gymnodoris (Described) aurita (Gould, 1852)
   Gymnodoris (Described) maculata Stimpson, 1855
   Gymnodoris (Described) zeylanica Kelaart, 1858
   Gymnodoris (Described) ceylonica (Kelaart, 1858)
   Gymnodoris (Described) bicolor Alder and Hancock, 1864
   Gymnodoris (Described) picta Pease, 1871
   Gymnodoris (Described) morosa Bergh, 1873
   Gymnodoris (Described) citrina Bergh, 1875
   Gymnodoris (Described) concinna (Abraham, 1876)
   Gymnodoris (Described) plebeia Bergh, 1877
   Gymnodoris (Described) alba (Bergh, 1877)
   Gymnodoris (Described) inornata (Bergh, 1880)
   Gymnodoris (Described) crocea Bergh, 1889
   Gymnodoris (Described) coccinea Eliot, 1904
   Gymnodoris (Described) rubropapulosa Bergh, 1905
   Gymnodoris (Described) rubromaculata Bergh, 1905
   Gymnodoris (Described) rubra Bergh, 1905
   Gymnodoris (Described) defensa Bergh, 1905
   Gymnodoris (Described) striata Eliot, 1908
   Gymnodoris (Described) marginata Odhner, 1917
   Gymnodoris (Described) kouaouae Risbec, 1928
   Gymnodoris (Described) perlucens Risbec, 1928
   Gymnodoris (Described) suggens Risbec, 1928
   Gymnodoris (Described) okinawae Baba, 1936
   Gymnodoris (Described) subflava Baba, 1949
   Gymnodoris (Described) subornata Baba, 1960
   Gymnodoris (Described) nigricolor Baba, 1960


                    Gymnodorididae Odhner, 1941
                      Gymnodoris Simpson, 1855
                        Gymnodoris (Described) species


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