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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Polyceridae 

Nembrotha species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Nembrotha (Described) citrina Bergh, 1875
   Nembrotha (Described) cristata Bergh, 1877
   Nembrotha (Described) nigerrima Bergh, 1877
   Nembrotha (Described) kubaryana Bergh, 1877
   Nembrotha (Described) diaphana Bergh, 1877
   Nembrotha (Described) cerulea Eliot, 1904
   Nembrotha (Described) affinis Eliot, 1904
   Nembrotha (Described) verconis Basedow and Hedley, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) rubroocellata Bergh, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) amitina Bergh, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) rubropapulosa Bergh, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) lineolata Bergh, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) lineolata Bergh, 1905
   Nembrotha (Described) limaciformis Eliot, 1908
   Nembrotha (Described) purpureolineata O’Donoghue, 1924
   Nembrotha (Described) rutilans Pruvot-fol, 1931
   Nembrotha (Described) livingstonei Allan, 1933
   Nembrotha (Described) sagamiana Baba, 1955
   Nembrotha (Described) arnoldi Burn, 1957
   Nembrotha (Described) megalocera Yonow, 1990
   Nembrotha (Described) guttata Yonow, 1993
   Nembrotha (Described) chamberlaini Gosliner and Behrens, 1997
   Nembrotha (Described) milleri Gosliner and Behrens, 1997
   Nembrotha (Described) mullineri Gosliner and Behrens, 1997


                    Polyceridae Alder & Hancock, 1845
                      Nembrotha Bergh, 1877
                        Nembrotha (Described) species


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=63796) created by delmar on 2002-02-05. Record last updated by delmar on 2002-02-05.