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Gastropoda Name Trochidae 

Elenchus Swainson, 1840

Type of listing: Entry in a Synonymy

Senior name:

Cantharidus Montfort, 1810

Type Species

[{{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deftab720{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss MS Sans Serif;}{\f1\froman\fcharset2 Symbol;}{\f2\fswiss Tahoma;}{\f3\fswiss Arial;}{\f4\fswiss Arial;}} {\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0;} \deflang1033\horzdoc{\*\fchars }{\*\lchars }\pard\plain\f2\fs24 junior homonym of \plain\f2\fs24\i Elenchus\plain\f2\fs24 Swainson, 1840 \par } }]


 Moore, R.C. 1964. p.I253 Type GenusAv


                Name Author, Year
                    Trochidae Rafinesque, 1815
                      Trochinae Rafinesque, 1815
                        Cantharidini Cotton, 1959
                          Cantharidus Montfort, 1810
                            Elenchus Swainson, 1840


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