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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Pleurobranchaeidae 

Pleurobranchus species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Pleurobranchus (Described) pellucidus Pease
   Pleurobranchus (Described) compta
   Pleurobranchus (Described) semonis
   Pleurobranchus (Described) amboinei
   Pleurobranchus (Described) emicans
   Pleurobranchus (Described) obscurella
   Pleurobranchus (Described) purpurascens
   Pleurobranchus (Described) dubia
   Pleurobranchus (Described) inermis
   Pleurobranchus (Described) modesta
   Pleurobranchus (Described) diversicolor
   Pleurobranchus (Described) styphla
   Pleurobranchus (Described) affinis
   Pleurobranchus (Described) mammalatus
   Pleurobranchus (Described) marginatus ?
   Pleurobranchus (Described) rufus ?
   Pleurobranchus (Described) varians
   Pleurobranchus (Described) purpurea
   Pleurobranchus (Described) peronii Cuvier, 1804
   Pleurobranchus (Described) ocellatus van Hasselt, 1824
   Pleurobranchus (Described) forskalii Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828
   Pleurobranchus (Described) ovalis Pease, 1866
   Pleurobranchus (Described) petersi Bergh, 1866
   Pleurobranchus (Described) grandis Pease, 1868
   Pleurobranchus (Described) tarda Verrill, 1880
   Pleurobranchus (Described) scutatus Martens, 1880
   Pleurobranchus (Described) angasi Smith, 1884
   Pleurobranchus (Described) hilli Hedley, 1894
   Pleurobranchus (Described) perrieri Vayssiere, 1896
   Pleurobranchus (Described) brockii Bergh, 1897
   Pleurobranchus (Described) giardi Vayssiere, 1897
   Pleurobranchus (Described) albiguttatus Bergh, 1905
   Pleurobranchus (Described) lutipes Bergh, 1905
   Pleurobranchus (Described) griseus Farran, 1905
   Pleurobranchus (Described) hornelli Farran, 1905
   Pleurobranchus (Described) nigropunctatus (Bergh, 1907)
   Pleurobranchus (Described) caledonicus Risbec, 1929
   Pleurobranchus (Described) obses White, 1946
   Pleurobranchus (Described) papillatus Risbec, 1951
   Pleurobranchus (Described) xhosa Macnae, 1962
   Pleurobranchus (Described) inhacae Macnae, 1962
   Pleurobranchus (Described) hirasei Baba, 1971


                    Pleurobranchaeidae de Ferussac, 1822
                      Pleurobranchus Cuvier, 1804
                        Pleurobranchus (Described) species


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=65941) created by delmar on 2002-03-10. Record last updated by delmar on 2002-03-10.