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Gastropoda Opisthobranchia Haminoeidae 

Haminea species

Type of listing: Name in current use


Included taxa

   Haminea (Described) culticuligera
   Haminea (Described) perforata
   Haminea (Described) fusca
   Haminea (Described) papyrus
   Haminea (Described) savignyana
   Haminea (Described) constricta
   Haminea (Described) ambigua
   Haminea (Described) aequistriata
   Haminea (Described) adamsi
   Haminea (Described) ovoidea (Quoy and Gaimard), 1832
   Haminea (Described) cymbalum (Quoy and Gaimard), 1835
   Haminea (Described) pemphis (Philippi, 1847)
   Haminea (Described) natalensis (Krauss), 1848
   Haminea (Described) vitrea A. Adams, 1850
   Haminea (Described) flavescens (A. Adams), 1850
   Haminea (Described) rotundata A. Adams, 1850
   Haminea (Described) curta A. Adams, 1850
   Haminea (Described) galba Pease, 1861
   Haminea (Described) zonata A. Adams (?), 1864
   Haminea (Described) ovalis Pease, 1866
   Haminea (Described) obesa Sowerby, 1868
   Haminea (Described) aperta Pease, 1868
   Haminea (Described) nigropunctata Pease, 1868
   Haminea (Described) rugosa Smith, 1872
   Haminea (Described) grisea Smith, 1875
   Haminea (Described) decora Brazier, 1879
   Haminea (Described) cairnsiana Melvill and Standen, 1895
   Haminea (Described) binotata Pilsbry, 1895
   Haminea (Described) subcylindrica Sowerby, 1897
   Haminea (Described) callosa Preston, 1908
   Haminea (Described) dubia Schepman, 1913
   Haminea (Described) paulae Nardini, 1934
   Haminea (Described) yamaguti Habe, 1952
   Haminea (Described) maugeansis Burn, 1966
   Haminea (Described) cyanocaudata Heller & Thompson, 1983
   Haminea (Described) cyanomarginata Heller & Thompson, 1983


                    Haminoeidae Pilsbry, 1895
                        Haminea Turton & Kingston, 1830
                          Haminea (Described) species


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=67979) created by delmar on 2002-04-05. Record last updated by delmar on 2002-04-05.