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Rhomboxiphus tricarinatus (Boissevain, 1906)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Dentalium tricarinatum Boissevain, 1906
   capensis TOMLIN

Common Name

Hishi-tsuno-gai S41 [Higo et al, 1999, species number: S41]       Higo, S., Callomon, P. & Goto, Y. 1999.  


From Higo et al, 1999 (higoetal1999). Species No. S41 Note: Type Locality: 'Siboga' sta. 178, Ceram Sea, Indonesia : 02° 40' S., 128° 37' E., 835 m.

  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificOceaniaWestern PacificNew Caledonia
     Scarabino, V. 1995. p.316 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificEast Africa
     Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaIndonesia
     Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaPhilippines
     Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-ChinaJapan
     Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 


depth: abyssal       Scarabino, V. 1995. p.318 
depth: abyssopelagic       Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
depth: bathyal       Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
depth: bathypelagic       Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
depth: continental slope [ 'live records from 495 to 4830 m' ]      Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
depth: mesopelagic       Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 
salinity: marine       Scarabino, V. 1995.  


 Scarabino, V. 1995. p.317 General reference


                  Rhomboxiphus tricarinatus (Boissevain, 1906)


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=95602) created by Japan Import on 2004-02-25. Record last updated by Peter Ulrik Middelfart on 2004-03-22.