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Reference Kleeman 1984

Kleemann, K.H. (1984). Lithophaga from dead coral from the Great Barrier Reef. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 50 : 192230

Kleemann, K.H., 1984. {i Lithophagai0 from dead coral from the Great Barrier Reef}. J. Moll. Studies, 50:192-230.

Journal Notes:

Names Mentioned

   Lithophaga (Lithophaga) nigra (Sagra, 1842)
   Lithophaga (Lithophaga) antillarum (d'Orbigny in Sagra, 1842)
   Lithophaga (Lithophaga) nasuta (Philippi, 1846)
   Lithophaga (Leiosolenus) obesus (Philippi, 1847)
   Modiola obesa Philippi, 1847
   Lithophaga (Leiosolenus) hanleyanus (Reeve, 1857)
   Lithodomus hanleyanus Reeve, 1857
   Lithophaga (Leiosolenus) malaccana (Reeve, 1858)
   Lithophaga (Lithophaga) divaricalx Iredale, 1939


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