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Gastropoda old Camaenidae 

Sphaerospira sardalabiata (Cox, 1871)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Helix sardalabiata Cox, 1871
   Helix (Hadra) stephensoniana Brazier, 1872
   Helix (Camaena) mulgravensis Brazier, 1872
   Helix (Camaena) rawnesleyi Cox, 1873
   Helix (Hadra) cookensis Brazier, 1875
   Helix (Hadra) hilli Brazier, 1875
   Helix (Hydra) tomsoni Brazier, 1876
   Helix (Hadra) palmensis Brazier, 1876
   Helix mazee Brazier, 1878
   Helix bala Brazier, 1878
   Helix bebias Brazier, 1878
   Helix palmensis meridionalis Brazier, 1881
   Gnarosophia palmensis austrina Iredale, 1933
   Gnarosophia bellaria Iredale, 1937
   Varohadra russelli Iredale, 1937
   Varohadra hubbardi Iredale, 1937
   Varohadra banfieldi Iredale, 1937
   Pallidelix spurlingi Iredale, 1937


eCode: closed forest 
eCode: litter 


 Smith, B.J. . [based on original descriptions and an examination of types; the status of these many morphs has not been resolved]  Synonomy


                  old Pulmonata
                      Sphaerospira Mörch, 1867
                        Sphaerospira sardalabiata (Cox, 1871)


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