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Bivalvia Mytiloida Mytilidae 

Musculus (Ryenella) cumingiana (Reeve, 1857)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Crenella (Modiolaria) cumingiana auct.
   Ryenella cumingianus auct.
   Lanistina ulmus auct.
   Modiola discors Lamarck, 1819
   Modiola cumingiana Reeve, 1857
   Musculus cumingianus (Reeve, 1857)
   Musculus ulmus Iredale, 1936

Common Name

Three-area mussel p.295      Allan, J. 1950.  


  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricCentral E coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricCentral W coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricS Gulfs coast
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificRed Sea
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificEast AfricaGulf of Aden
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificEast AfricaEthiopia
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaQueensland
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Queensland
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificIndo-MalaysiaAustralia (N)Western Australia
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricNE coast
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaNew South Wales
  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereAustralia (S)New South Wales
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificRed Sea
     Dekker, H. & Orlin, Z. 2000. p. 9 
  OBIS RegionsTropical Indo-West PacificCentral and East Indian OceanEastern Indian OceanIndia (E)
     Hylleberg, J. & Kilburn, R.N. 2002. p.58 


habitat: sponges [ generally attached to ascidians or sponges ]


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                Mytilidae Rafinesque, 1815
                  Musculus Röding, 1798
                    Musculus (Ryenella) Fleming, 1959
                      Musculus (Ryenella) cumingiana (Reeve, 1857)


Taxon name record (intBiotaID=53533) created by Mark Kitson on 2001-10-10. Record last updated by Shannon Reid on 2003-03-26.