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Gastropoda Name Trochidae 

Cantharidella tiberiana (Crosse, 1863)

Type of listing: Name in current use


   Trochus tiberiana Crosse, 1863
   Cantharidus decoratus Adams & Angas, 1864
   Cantharidus luculentus A. Adams & Angas, 1864
   Gibbula aurea Tenison-Woods, 1876
   Thalotia tesselata Tenison-Woods, 1878


  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricLower E coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricCentral E coast
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricBass Strait
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaNew South Wales
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaVictoria
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricS Gulfs coast
  ABRS RegionsAustraliaSouth Australia
  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereAustralia (S)Tasmania
  ABRS RegionsAustralia200 m bathymetricTas. coast
  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereAustralia (S)Victoria
  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereAustralia (S)New South Wales
  OBIS RegionsTemperate Indo-West PacificSouthern HemisphereAustralia (S)South Australia


depth: intertidal 
depth: shallow subtidal [ among rocks ]
depth: subtidal 
feeds on: plants 
substrate: on macroalgae 


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                Name Author, Year
                    Trochidae Rafinesque, 1815
                      Trochinae Rafinesque, 1815
                        Gibbulini Stoliczka, 1868
                          Cantharidella Pilsbry, 1889
                            Cantharidella tiberiana (Crosse, 1863)


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